How You Can Stay Fit At Home

How You Can Stay Fit At Home

Emma Spoonauer , Co-Editor in Chief

During this pandemic, it can be hard to find motivation to exercise. I experienced this first hand, as in the beginning of the lockdown I would basically only get up to lay down in a different room. I will admit, it did take my parents forcing me to exercise to start, but once I got into a routine I found I had much more motivation.

To begin, making a schedule for yourself is essential. How much time can you dedicate to working out? Are you fit enough to workout everyday, or do you need day(s) in between to prevent your muscles from being sore? What days do you have the most free time? These are the questions you should be asking yourself to make a workout plan. Fitness is different for everyone, therefore it’s important to tailor this plan to your life and what you know you can handle.

Next, you have to set goals for yourself. What do you want to achieve by working out? Whether it’s muscle toning, weight loss, or a little bit of both, there’s plenty of exercises out there that will help you reach these goals. It’s important that you know what your goals are to pursue the next step.

Once you have a schedule and goals, it’s time to decide exactly how you’ll workout. Personally, I found that yoga and HITT workout videos are the best for my fitness goals and the free time I have. I wanted to focus more on strength than cardio which these videos focus on, and since they’re typically only 20 minutes long, it’s easier to fit them into my usually busy schedule. On top of all this, the videos are free and can be easily accessed through YouTube (I’ll link the channels at the end of this article). If you want to focus more on cardio, running around your neighborhood or a track nearby could be very beneficial for you if the weather permits. If you wanted to fit in both cardio and strength training, you could alternate between the videos and running or there are workout videos out there that tie in both. All of the methods described can be done at home or around you’re neighborhood, so if you are being extra cautious about the pandemic, there’s no need to worry about going to a gym!

After putting this plan into action it might be difficult to stick with it at first, but it’s important to stay consistent because if you do you’ll have a better chance of reaching your goals and the whole process will become more natural to you faster. The results you can visibly see will definitely motivate you even more to continue exercising. In all, setting a schedule, setting goals, deciding how you’ll work out, and staying consistent are all essential to this process and will guarantee that you better yourself.