EDITORIAL: Why You Need To Binge Watch Unus Annus Right Now

EDITORIAL: Why You Need To Binge Watch Unus Annus Right Now

Emma Spoonauer, Co-Editor in Chief

On November 15th of 2019, a video was posted from a newly created YouTube channel named “Unus Annus”, meaning one year in Latin. In that video, two famous gaming youtubers, Markiplier (Mark Fischback) and CrankGameplays (Ethan Nestor), announced that on this channel they would be posting a video every single day, but once the channel was a year old they would be deleting it all. The video got a lot of attention from the YouTube community, as it appeared on the website’s trending page when it was first uploaded. After viewing this first video I became very excited by the concept that I was a part of what some might consider a special club. If I kept watching I would be one of the few people ever to view all of their videos since they wouldn’t be accessible on the internet after one year with the exception of some reuploads. Mark and Ethan dedicating themselves to uploading every day but deleting their content after a year stresses their values of putting having fun and entertaining viewers over making money. This is really refreshing to see during times where countless influencers have made their whole careers off of making money from their audience. 

In addition to me appreciating the concept they made up for this channel, I also find their content and chemistry hilarious. Most channels can be put into categories such as beauty, gaming, and vlogs, but Unus Annus has a wide variety of content; their videos ranging from “Pumpkin Taste Tier List” all the way to “Attempting to Build IKEA Furniture Without Instructions”. Whatever this pair decides to do, they make it extremely entertaining. You may need to have a specific sense of humor to find them as hilarious as I do, but you can’t deny Mark and Ethan have impeccable chemistry. 

Throughout the channel’s lifespan, numerous inside jokes have developed which makes the experience all the more personal. Thankfully, these jokes won’t die with the channel, and if you do decide to watch videos from Unus Annus, there are countless jokes and memes made on their Reddit page, or who knows, you may meet someone in person who’s also watched them and understands these jokes. You can also buy the channel’s merch in remembrance of them which also expires after a certain amount of time, following the channel’s theme.

Currently, we are only a few weeks away from the channel’s end, so if you want to start watching them, definitely do so right now! The clock is ticking!


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcgBZ9hEJxHv6r_jDYOMqg