Max’s High Five: Tips for Virtual Learning


Max Druckman, Editor

In today’s ever-changing world, it is important to be prepared for new challenges! One such challenge for students at FTHS and around the world is virtual learning, whether it is full virtual or a hybrid model. Here are five useful tips for virtual success…

1: Have a daily routine. With later wake-up times and shortened school days, it is easy to fall into the trap of having no daily plan or schedule. However, a routine is helpful for achieving your daily goals and keeping yourself on track. Have a set time to wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast prior to logging onto your first google meet. After school, plan out when you will do homework and when you will do your extracurricular activities. Using a daily planner can help you accomplish your goals and puts you on track for success with online learning.

2: Utilize office hours or extra help time. Since each block is only 50 minutes, it is likely that you will still have questions for your teacher following a block’s conclusion. Thus, it is wise to hop onto the office hour Google meets on your designated day. These meets offer you one-on-one time with your teacher. You can ask any questions you might have or review a lesson. Office hour meets are a great way to stay up to speed in your class. 

3: Try to limit distractions. When you are on Google meets, try to be in a quiet space where you can think clearly. This allows you to fully understand the lesson. If possible, try to be in separate rooms from siblings or parents doing remote learning or work so that you can focus as best as possible. Also, try to limit cell phone and internet distractions during class. 

4: Make an effort to continue social activities with friends. In a normal school year, you would see friends in school and in various extracurricular activities. With hybrid and virtual learning, social opportunities diminish. In order to continue being social and maintain friendships, call your friends, send them a text, have a socially-distanced outdoor meeting. Talking to friends can help you through these tumultuous times. 

5: Calm down! All of these changes may seem overwhelming, but keep calm and carry on. If you need support, reach out to parents, teachers, and counselors. All of us are in this together, and we can overcome these troubling times.