Thursday Jams (2/13/20)

Kiersten Buckley, Editor


Face to Face- Rex Orange County


“Rex Orange County” has always had a special place in my heart due to his highly emotional and unique songs, so of course I had to include him on this week’s list. Maybe I am a bit biased, though, when including this tune on my list. After all, I saw him live last weekend, but I digress. Face To Face is a sweet song about love and learning how to trust again. The tune utilizes soothing piano and string instrumentals to fully capture the emotion of the song overall. Additionally, “Rex Orange County” sings the song with so much conviction that it makes you feel fully immersed in the tune. His mix of pop and rap also gives the track a highly unique sound. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy indie pop or soothing music.


Beautiful Faces- Declan McKenna


I have been listening to this song on repeat for the past week, so I think it’s only fair that I include it on this week’s edition of “Thursday Jams”! The tune consists of some interesting lyrics and a bubbly guitar riff. Veteran alternative singer Declan McKenna describes this tune as detailing “the struggles young people face in the modern world”. Ever since I first heard this song, something about it was always very creepy to me. Perhaps it was the contrast of the happy instrumentals with McKenna’s aggressive and angsty voice, or the lyrics itself. Either way, that aspect of the tune always intrigued me and kept me listening. Additionally, the “creepiness” of the song was fully realized in McKenna’s crazy music video for it. Overall, you should listen to this tune if you enjoy alternative music or singers who perform with emotion.


Flathead- The Fratellis


“The Fratellis” are widely known for creating loud, rock music hits. Their song Flathead is  no exception. The tune is fast paced and gritty, and the lead singer’s vocals are rough and aggressive. All of these attributes, though, are overwhelmingly positive when it comes to this song. Each piece of this tune works perfectly together, and it is altogether a fun and upbeat tune. Additionally, the song was also featured in an Apple iPod commercial in 2007. You should listen to this song if you enjoy fast music or rock music.


Idiot- Sure Sure


From the title and the beginning lyrics, this song may sound like a very self deprecating tune to your average listener. But, the track is certainly much more than that. Alternative band “Sure Sure” does sing heavily of self doubt, but the tune also consists of some very interesting lyrics. In particular, the lyric, “I’m like a bad memory/I’ll never be what you want me to be” always strikes a chord with me and makes me think. The band also utilizes their guitar and drums very well, as they pair very nicely with the lead singers voice. Additionally, the background vocals from the rest of the band make the song sound lovely all together. If you enjoy this song, you should check out “Sure Sure” opening for COIN at the Stone Pony on March 20th! Overall, you should listen to this song if you enjoy music with interesting lyrics, or alternative music.