Thursday Jams (1/30/20)

Kiersten Buckley, Editor


Sunflower, Vol. 6- Harry Styles


If you are reading this article right now, then it may come as a surprise to you that Harry Styles made my current article of songs. But, no matter how mainstream Styles is, his music always tends to spark a positive feeling in me. This feeling did not cease when he released his latest album, Fine Line. In Sunflower, Vol. 6, a track from the album, Styles sings a sweet song about a happy relationship and his yearning for trust. The tune overall has a very catchy beat and will surely bring a smile to your face. Additionally, with the use of personal pronouns in the lyrics, it feels like Harry Styles is singing the love song directly to you. And how cool is that?!


Juicebox- The Strokes


Out of all of the tunes in this article, Juicebox stands out the most. In contrast to the other more slow and mellow songs in this article, Juicebox is a faster and more upbeat rock tune. The bass guitar is very prevalent in this track, and it helps to make the instrumentals more intense overall. Additionally, Julian Casablancas’ gritty vocals are very pleasing to the ear, and they pair very well with the instrumentals. The lyrics document how “The Strokes” feel now that they have garnered a following, and how they feel now that they are perceived as being “famous” by the public. You should listen to this tune is you enjoy rock music.


Hot Rod- Dayglow


In this more laid back indie tune, “Dayglow” laments of the one’s personal struggles. This paradox of a song covers a semi-depressing topic through its lyrics, but it contains positive and upbeat instrumentals. The lyrics consist of sentiments such as, “Always second place/Tell me again why is it I/Never can do anything right?/Complicated theories of life, sarcastically”. Albeit these lyrics being a bit sad, the positive synthesized tone of the instrumentals conuteract the somber lyrics and create an altogether fun track. All in all, you should listen to this song if you enjoy catchy music.

Someone to Spend Time With- Los Retros 


Starting off with a very relaxing and mellow beat, it is hard to tell where the song Someone to Spend Time With will go. Will it be a mellow and lo-fi tune? Will it progress into a spunky and upbeat track? But, as the tune progresses, it turns into something better. There is a lovely harmony formed between the male and female singers of the band. Additionally, the heart aching lyrics of loneliness combined with the gorgeous harmonies of the tune give off a somber yet beautiful feeling. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy sad music, or sweet-sounding harmonies.