Pop Poetry: The Necklace

Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

Dear Uncle,

Logic and decisiveness has betrayed me 

I act how I’ve been raised and still I’m stuck

I fail to understand how they still work.

The more I look the more I seem to scare them

But I have an inkling of an understanding that

I am not the one observing but rather

The one being observed


They cause more of a reaction when am not around them, 

For when I am with them they are searching for something

But what

I am getting lost in my logic and lost in my thoughts because I don’t know if this is what made me fall in the first place

No reaction but even then what’s the solid in my reactants

I have no purpose to keep looking for all steps have failed.


My microscope has failed and I’ve seemed to be looking for too long because I think they are starting to understand me more than I do myself.

And what I think was maybe too complex may be simpler.

But I’m not sure. 

I am lost 

She makes me lost 

Maybe that’s what I fell for

I don’t know what it was and it still it confuses me

 what switched 

What about the necklace

Why is it still on my neck and not on her’s

Maybe that’s what I should be looking for.