Top 5 Tips to Get a “5” on Your AP Test


Kate Sallee

With AP exams coming up, many students do not know exactly how they should prepare to study for such a test, especially if it’s their first time taking it. Luckily, this list will help you effectively prepare for the AP exam in order to get a 5 on it.


  1. Organize your notes. You will study a lot of content based on your notes, so make sure they are neat and easy to read. Color coding is also helpful, so you can quickly flip between sections of content to study.


  1. Get a review book. There are many to choose from at your local bookstore, such as “Barron’s” and “Princeton Review”. Certain books work better for different classes, so ask your teacher which ones they recommend. They can also help you study for upcoming tests!


  1. Go to exam reviews. Most teachers host reviews in the mornings in order to review important topics and test-taking skills needed for the AP exam you will be taking. Make sure to go to as many of those reviews as possible in order to learn valuable material for the AP exam.


  1. Make a study group. If you can, study with other people in your classes and either meet often or via group video call. This way, you can get other people’s answers to any questions you have, and studying will feel less laborious.


  1. Start studying in advance!! Right after winter break would be your best time to start. This way, you’ll be able to review old content while learning new content at a steady pace. Even though the AP exams are in May, you need to prepare in advance.