Top 10 Best Places to Hang Out With Friends

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Kate Sallee



Whether you have a full day, half day, or no school at all, it’s always fun to plan on hanging out with your friends. Even if you are all free for a certain amount of time, it’s always a challenge to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. This “Top 10” list will give you and your friends a few suggestions on where to hang out next time you decide to.


  1. Apple Picking

Although this only available during the fall season, apple picking is a great way to spend time with your friends! Obviously you can pick apples while you’re there, but you can also take cute pictures and enjoy nature together.


  1. Bowling

Bowling is a simple activity that’s a lot of fun. It seems easy, but is actually much harder once you actually try it. Playing a few games can be a blast, especially if you aren’t the best bowler. You’ll be sure to laugh hard!


  1. Roller Skating

Roller skating can be a great way to pass the time with friends, even though it can be very difficult at first. You’ll probably fall down your first time (a lot), but you and your friends will have a great time laughing with each other.


  1. Ice Skating

Just like apple picking, ice skating is only available during a certain season (the winter months). It can be just as challenging as roller skating, but is just as much fun for people who like the cold more. Don’t worry, you’ll fall just as much.


  1. Cookie Making

Who doesn’t love eating cookies? Making them is even more fun. You can make cookies from scratch (if you know how to do it correctly) or simply use cookie dough from the store. You can even decorate them for the holidays if you choose to. You and your friends will love it.


  1. Movie/Game Nights

If you or a friend can have friends over, you can bring a bunch of movies, board games, cards, and video games to have a fun time. Add snacks and pajamas and you’ll have a cozy and entertaining night with friends.


  1. Beach

There’s a number of different things you could do at the beach. Go tanning, make sandcastles, have a photoshoot, or get up early to see the sun rise. Usually the beach has a boardwalk as well (depending on location), so you and your friends can spend hours there without getting bored.


  1. The mall

Less than ten minutes away, the mall is home to a variety of different stores, food places, and is probably one of the most common places to go with friends. Whether you’re just walking around, or you have items in mind that you’re looking for, you and your friends can enjoy the mall together for hours.


  1. Seeing a movie

There’s constantly new movies being made, so why not see one? Horror, romance, action, and many more genres are provided at movie theaters and tickets are about $12. Plus, the movie theater experience is worth going on its own.


  1. Restaurants

This is ranked number 1 on the list because it involves the thing people like doing most: eating. There are so many restaurants around our school, but one of the common ones people will go on half days is the Park Nine Diner, which is a 15-20 minute walk from the school. They always have great food, but no matter where you eat you’ll have a good time!