Class of 2021 Inducted Into National Honor Society


Amit Bachani , Editor in Chief

This past week, the William R Satz Chapter of the National Honor Society had its annual induction ceremony, with a special evening dedicated to the 178 inductees and their families. Led by Ms. Cavallo and Ms. Kraus, Freehold Township celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2021 as well as students from Class of 2020, who demonstrated the key pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. 

Founded in 1921, National Honor Society (NHS) has had a very active role in community service activities across the United States, promoting the idea of life long service among students as they complete their secondary education and matriculate into college. After a rigorous selection process, the night saw inductees participating in a candle lighting ceremony in their honor. Symbolizing the eternal flame of knowledge and an undying commitment to service, the lit candle is an emblem of the pillars of the honor society. 

Keeping with Freehold Township’s chapter tradition, teacher of the year Ms. English offered advice to students about leadership and service and what it truly means to be inducted into National Honor Society. A graduate of Villanova University and one of our district’s most recognized educators, she spoke about our individual journeys and how life often gives us what we need in unexpected ways, stressing the need for students to maintain a deep commitment to learning beyond education. 

Junior Omi Mehta spoke with The Patriot Press about her induction into NHS, saying : “ It has been an honor for me to be inducted into NHS alongside my other peers. Being inducted means seeing myself flourish into a better version of myself, while also being able to aid the community in becoming a better place. NHS has already brought me the opportunity to volunteer and bring service to others and being able to further do this brings me a lot of gratitude and joy.” 

Additionally, junior Brittney Srags added that: “The ceremony made me appreciate my support system of family and friends that helped and continue to help me along my scholastic journey. I am so excited and thankful to be a part of the National Honor Society and continue to work hard in school and through volunteering in my community!”

Overall, it can be said that the ceremony was a memorable experience for many proud students and parents, who were recognized for their hard work and great dedication. Here’s wishing this year’s inductees a big congratulations from The Patriot Press and hoping that they continue to achieve great things in their high school careers!