Pop Poetry: Sleep as a Noun


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer



Just let me sleep five more minutes 

But I’m lying in two different ways I need to sleep

I’m tired all the time and my back feels crooked similar to my sense of time because I sleep during the day while others sleep at night


3:30 I pass out just down on the couch but I always get up when my mothers around

I don’t have the energy so go to my room and sleep some more leaving homework on the floor


By this time it’s 9:30 and I’ve gotten all the sleep I need and when I wish to fall asleep again I get a fearic dream 

Oh how I wish to sleep again sometimes my bed is my only friend and all I wish to do is feel just like myself again cause 


Every time I Leave My House I’ll Be As Timid As A Mouse Because I’m Scared That I’ll Out Wear My Welcome


By now it’s 3 am and the front door has just been closed I’m outside my house just breathing in where there’s clearer air and sometimes it makes it worth sleeping day in and day out