“Dance FTK” Raises $17,470 for Kids In Need

Kiersten Buckley and Angelica Levin

On Thursday, November 21st, the students of FTHS got to dance all night long with their friends, all while knowing that they were helping out a great cause!  During the second annual Dance For the Kids (Dance FTK for short), the proceeds donated by students and local businesses helped to raise around $17,470 for the “Embrace Kids Foundation”.  The “Embrace Kids Foundation” is a charity that helps raise money for families in need that are suffering from serious health challenges. Specifically, the money raised goes to the medical bills, living expenses, and rent of children families that are struggling with health issues.

During the event, students of FTHS were able to have fun dance with their friends due to the lively and energetic DJ that was provided.  Those in attendance of the dance were also able to enjoy delicious complementary food from Jersey Mike’s, Dunkin Donuts, Playa Bowls, Bagel Nook, Broad Street Dough Company, and Jersey Freeze!  Each student paid $20 to attend the dance, which greatly helped the money that was donated to the “Embrace Kids Foundation”

The event was led by Skylar Feldman, Logan Feldman, and Mrs. Blair.  This is the second year that the event was hosted at Freehold Township High School.  Last year, our school raised $9,010 towards the “Embrace Kids Foundation”. But, this year, thanks to caring FTHS students and businesses, we were able to exceed the expected goal of $10,000 and raise $17,470 for families in need!

“Dance FTK was such a good time!” stated junior Chloe Conroy. “I hung out with friends, ate tons of food, and danced so much!  I did all of this while helping out a great cause. The dance was very well put together, and it was a great way to get hours for NHS while also supporting a very real and poignant issue in our community.  I will definitely be coming back next year, and I think everyone else should too!” 

Overall, Dance FTK was a great experience that allowed students to have fun with friends while helping to raise money for children in need.  Thanks to the efforts of generous FTHS students, some New Jersey families facing health problems are now able to afford their expensive medical bills!  A huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported the “Embrace Kids Foundation” on November 21st. And, another huge thank you to Skylar Feldman, Logan Feldman, and Mrs. Blair.  Without their incredible efforts, Dance FTK would not be possible!


Article by Kiersten Buckley

Photos by Angelica Levin