Thursday Jams (11/21/19)

Kiersten Buckley, Editor

Watermelon Sugar- Harry Styles


If you’ve been out and about in civilization at all this past week, then you’re sure to have heard that Harry Styles has released a new single. This new song is the second single to be released off of his upcoming album, entitled Fine Line. This new tune is also, as the title implies, full of sweetness! If you’re looking for a fun pop hit, this is the track to listen to. The upbeat and vibrant instrumentals invoke a sense of happiness from deep within you, and you’ll soon find yourself singing along with Styles. Styles emotionally sings of a past lover in the dancy song, which aptly shares a title with a 1968 novel by Richard Brautigan. You should listen to this single if you like music that makes you happy, or pop music.


San Francisco- The Mowgli’s


San Francisco by “The Mowgli’s” desperately imagines a simpler time where love was ubiquitous in our society. The pop-punk tune raises the elementary question, “Do you feel the love?” while utilizing a catchy and fun beat that is destined to raise your spirits. The drums are very prevalent in this song, and all of the instruments are very well crafted overall. Additionally, listeners can ostensibly tell that the lead singer of the band sincerely sings the lyrics from deep in his heart. You should listen to this song if you enjoy positive music, or pop-punk music. (And if you really enjoy this song, “The Mowgli’s” are playing at “The Stone Pony” in Asbury Park on December 14th. You’re welcome!)


Happy Man- Animal House


In the indie-alternative song Happy Man, “Animal House” satirizes office jobs and the way that we as a society live today. Through repetition in the lyrics and in the guitar riffs of the tune, the band pokes fun at the fake happiness that many people exude in their day-to-day lives. “Animal House” even adds an extra layer of cynicism and satire to the song by including faint sound effects that are typical of an office environment. Some of these effects include coffee pouring, typing, a phone ringing, and a printer printing. Additionally, the tune has a very catchy beat, and I often find the chorus of the track stuck in my head. You should listen to this tune if you enjoy creative lyrics, or if you enjoy alternative music.


Why Do You Feel So Down?- Declan McKenna


In Why Do You Feel So Down?, Declan McKenna tries to offer a friend some assistance in the form of a pop song with a bit of an alternative edge to it. McKenna sings lyrics such as, “So don’t lie to me/I know I’m not as cool as I’d like to be/But why do you feel so down?/Again, I know I’m not a very good friend/Why do you feel so down?”. McKenna’s heartfelt vocal tone and lyrics pair well with the synthesized instrumentals of the tune. The catchy chorus will have you humming the words, “why do you feel so down” to yourself for the rest of the day. Additionally, the music video for the song is a fun watch, since it is very unique for this decade. You should listen to this song if you enjoy strong male vocalists, or if you enjoy upbeat music.