Pop Poetry: My First Sonnet

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Pop Poetry: My First Sonnet

Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

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You can ask any questions, Turn over 

Every rock because with you

I’m an open book so turn to any page you want

For I have no secrets to keep from the world

Recollections of my anxieties on my necklaces like pearls

Bracelets to remind me of who matters most 

To My friends and my family who always keep me on my toes

Although I will keep some memories to myself 

They will never be shared ’cause I will put them on a shelf

Not for display, not for the book I will share

But anamnesis from times where I was less than gracious

I don’t hold myself up or use my wording for clichés or prowess

I simply am, I think of these things for a reason so why not right them down

I’m an open book so don’t stand and laugh just read along