Pop Poetry: Puzzle Pieces

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Pop Poetry: Puzzle Pieces

Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

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We were never close

But now you seem so far 

Every time I try and understand my eyes get droopy from lack of sleep and suddenly it’s the next morning and we’ve drifted further


We were never close

I made sure of that,

Even though you were close,

You were always so far away 

because you’d smile at me, and I’d smile back you’d look down, and I’d have a heart attack

because when you looked up no one had ever smiled at me like that


you used to seem close but now you’ve stepped away


I made sure of that 

We were never close 

Every time I look at someone they seem to run away

And even though you’re far you’re in my mind and if I continue on like this I’ll tug on the part of me that stayed with you, when you looked down and looked back up. 


We barely talk,

I give you space, 

You sit with her,

And I’m misplaced because all those time I held your hand are always on my mind.

They didn’t fit together and part of that made me hold on tighter.


I don’t think we fit together,

And I wish my brain knew how to stop holding on.