An Interview With Our School Mascot!


Emma Spoonauer, Editor

When did you start mascotting and why?

I started mascotting in 7th grade. I was interested mostly because I enjoy making people smile and also enjoy doing things that are so strange and different than anything else. 


How does middle school mascotting differ from high school mascotting?

Middle school mascotting is a whole different ball game than high school mascotting. Middle school mascotting is small crowds with mostly parents. I loved it in middle school because it was where I found my passion and also was a great base and place to build for the future. Then there’s high school: Bleacher Creatures, band, parents, t-shirts, hundreds of people. It’s different in the sense that it’s more. But Pat (the Patriot) craves more. Screaming crowds, excitement, the whole nine yards. 


What are your responsibilities as our mascot?

Hm. Well I mean responsibility is a strong word. But I guess you could say I’m responsible for having the best dance moves on the field. Dance moves are hard, especially when you’re looking for the band to play In My Feelings but instead you get You Can Call Me Al, its okay though. I manage, but I guess we will never know if Kiki does love Pat the Patriot. 


What is the best part of being our mascot?

That’s a loaded question but I got to say that it’s everything. I often get asked if I get paid to be the mascot, which I laugh at because I don’t. Mascot is an addiction because I love making people smile and laugh, that’s what makes it worth it. But don’t get me wrong when I get a ride in a golf cart with Mr. Brusotti it’s a good time. Imagine me riding in the golf cart in slow motion. That’s epic. Anyways… one of the things I love about mascotting is the adrenaline rush you get when running out with the football players. Hearing everyone scream is crazy and even though all the football players are very confused every time they see me, it’s still amazing.  


What is the most challenging part of being our mascot?

Definitely keeping my identity. People are constantly asking me, who’s under there? And I think to myself, under where? My name is Pat and who is this human all of you think is under here? 


Do you have any surprising/interesting facts about being our mascot? 

An interesting fact or a surprise to some of you may be that it’s 40-50° hotter in a mascot costume than outside so while you’re all shivering I am enjoying the lovely weather. 


Do you plan on pursuing mascotting as a career?

Definitely. I am hoping for a scholarship on mascoting or if not, I still plan on going to a college where I can be a mascot. Eventually it would be great to make it to a professional level.


What is some advice you’d give to someone looking to become a mascot?

My advice would be that it takes a special kind of person to be a mascot. Not anyone can put on the costume and pull it off. So, be yourself. 

Stay Classy, Patriot Nation & Be Loud!!