Spitfire 2019 Performances

Nas Mendez


Lauren Farrell performs her original piece, “School Bus Poet”


Eli Regan performs “Some Things  to Know Before Dating Me” by Jamie Mortara


Mo Gonzalez performs “The Cave”


David Lagos performs “Touchscreen” by Marshall Davis Jones


Morgan O’Shea performs “I Carry Your Heart with me” by EE Cummings


Colin Licata performs “Confessions of a Depressed Comic” by Kevin Breel


James O’Brien performs his original piece


Beau Romanowski performs “In Loving Memory of Prayer Cards”


Marielle Ibarreta dances to “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay


Angel Bradley performs her original piece, “Dear Almost Uncle”


Gianna Vacarro performs her original piece, “Perfection”


Alex Carnevale performs “Why She Disappeared” by Taylor Swift


Lilia Gertstmeyer “How Teenage Girls’ are Like Poetry” by Sophie Priceman


Max Pirozzi (and friends) perform “Old Town Road”


Ryan Ennis performs “Chris” by his father


Tyler Mezle performs his original piece,  “Ode to Phil Swift”


Juliana Davi  performs her original piece, “The Wall”


Ben Schornstein performs “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost


Veeda Khan performs her original piece, “Teenage Blue”


Zach Orrico, Ethan Gabizon, Ben Cooperman, Jayce Shapiro, and Anthony Barthel perform “Casey at the Bat”


Alex Junge performs an original piece


Annasimone Gemian  performs “Without Me” by Halsey


Sean Humphrey performs “Slam Poetry – Cynthia”