Everything You’ve Been Wanting to Know About The Newest Royal Baby


Olivia Naum, Staff Writer

Only less than one year has passed since Meghan Markle, who was still mainly known for being an American actress, stepped into the life of a British Royal while wearing an elegant white gown. As the wedding concluded and Meghan stepped out in a second gleaming dress, the baby countdown began. Luckily, for the impatient royal watchers, the wait was momentary. On May 6, 2019, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a baby boy. The official birth notice stood proudly on an ornate easel, just behind the gates of Buckingham Palace, informing he was born at 5:26 am, weighing seven pounds and three ounces.  


Breaking Royal Protocol

From the very beginning of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s relationship, royal protocol has often been brushed aside, to say the least. Therefore, it was no surprise to many that Meghan would make her own rules about her pregnancy and delivery. Although it is certain that Meghan wants to pave her own way, and she certainly has, there are times where traditions must be upheld. For many, Meghan’s modernistic changes to the royal ways is disconcerting; nevertheless, she has gone on with her own plans. The first major change is where the birth took place. Most recently with Duchess Kate and Princess Diana, royal babies are born at St. Mary’s Hospital.  Shortly after, the mother and father present the baby to the world on the steps of the hospital, surrounded by an abundance of photographers. Drifting from tradition, Prince Harry and Meghan choose to conceal where the baby was born. Additionally, there was not a glimpse of the baby or the dutchess the first two days after the delivery. Not only has there been a change in the location, but also in the announcement itself. The ceremonial easel announcement at the palace is always the first place where any baby news is revealed; however, the notification was made on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s social media beforehand.


Waiting In Line for the Throne

Not surprisingly, the baby will likely never become king. There’s a long queue of royals who would become the monarch first. In fact, the child at present is seventh in line for the throne. The order currently is, Prince Charles, Prince William, his three children, and then finally the littlest great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth.


The Name and Title    

As customary, the name of the baby was announced a few days after the birth on May 8th, 2019. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen the name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The name is quite a surprise to many because it is not a name that resides in the family already. A majority of the children were given names that their ancestors possessed; therefore, this is another instance where Meghan and Harry have strayed from the path of royal customs. Due to the fact that Harry is not only a price but also a duke, it was expected that his son would receive a title. Yet, the royal couple opted for their son not to be an earl. Since his title as earl has been denied, he has the less common name of Mountbatten-Windsor. So many of the royals have extensive names and ranks that add onto it, the last name is usually neglected. However, since baby Archie only has a first and one middle name, Mountbatten-Windsor is required.



Evidently, it cannot be predicted what Meghan and Harry will decide in the following years in raising their child. There are still so many unanswered questions about how the Duke and Duchess will handle caring for Archie in the public spotlight. Even though there is much unknown about the private life of the royals, it can be ensured that the newest addition has already received an abundance of love from the family and the entire world.