This Week in Pop Culture News: Omari and Beyonce’s Awkward Moment, Bieber’s April Fools’ Day Mishap, Kylie Pregnancy Rumors, and KUWTK Trailer

Emma Spoonauer, Staff Writer

Omari Hardwick Almost Kisses Beyonce

At the NCAAP awards there is footage that shows Omari going in for a hug with Beyonce and kissing her on the cheek, but as she pulls away he kisses her again but even closer to her lips. Beyonce definitely shows an awkward expression on her face after Omari walks away, especially because Jay-Z, her husband, is right next to her. Fans have accused Omari of getting too intimate with Beyonce. But some commenters were on Omari’s side, one posting, “People make a big deal out of the Omari Hardwick kissing on the cheek while saying bye.” Another commented, “He was being polite saying hi and bye. The timing was just awkward. Don’t make this a man crossing the line thing. Ya’ll out here really trying to make something out of nothing!”


Kylie Expecting Baby #2?

Kylie Jenner fans have been theorizing about Kylie being pregnant once again because of a photo she posted to social media. This picture featured her hand and her friend’s, both freshly manicured. What set fans off was that Kylie’s nails had pink tips and her friend’s had blue, possibly an indicator of a second pregnancy. Most fans thought that both hands in the photo were Kylie’s, but they weren’t, making this theory less likely to be true. After Kylie keeping her last pregnancy undercover and the many other possible hints she’s been dropping, it’s still possible that she is expecting.


April Fools’ Day Gone Wrong for Bieber

Justin Bieber decided to prank his fans this April Fools’ Day by posting a sonogram to his Instagram, but revealed shortly after that it was an April Fools’ joke. He had also posted a picture of his wife, Hailey in a doctor’s office with a baby bump to make the joke seem more believable. After it was admitted that this was a joke, many commenters didn’t find this joke so funny, accusing Bieber of being insensitive towards couples who have struggled to conceive or have lost a child. One user commented, “You just don’t joke about this. As someone who has lost a baby due to miscarriage, this just isn’t funny.” Bieber has apologized for what he did but also made the point that when you post something online you’re never sure who will be offended, and that many people prank their parents on April Fools’ Day by saying they’re pregnant to get a “big reaction.”


KUWTK Trailer

A Keeping Up With The Kardashians show trailer has aired, featuring Khloe Kardashian’s reaction to the cheating scandal involving her now ex-boyfriend and her family friend Jordyn Woods. As Khloe exclaims, “I’m not just a TV show, like this is my life!” as she is seen crying in the trailer. Jordyn was reportedly “mortified” after seeing this trailer as it is allegedly hard for her to relive that whole situation. According to insiders she has been trying to look good and healthy on social media but this whole very public scandal has affected her deeply.