Editorial: The Importance of Labor Unions


Danielle Gubitosa

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about the importance of the Labor Movement and how it positively affects families. In a labor union a group of people stand together to protect one another, get fair wages and sufficient health care. Without labor unions there would be little or no representation for the working middle class. It would also be difficult to negotiate new contracts, which help people to take care of their families desire to make an adequate wage. They also keep their members safe on the job site.

My father is an electrician. He is a member of IBEW local 400. He has been a member for over thirty-four years. I am apart of a working middle class family. Being a union member, I’m not fearful he is working under dangerous conditions as he leaves for work each morning. Overall the most important thing about him being apart of a union is the in depth training.The training adequately prepares him for his trade. Not only is my father apart of a union, so is my cousin Sam. Being a part if a labor union is important to them because they have representation and support when issues arise on the job site.

Union members, such as my father, value the representatives that negotiate contracts with the employers. The union representatives also discuss pay rates and benefits on behalf of the members. In conclusion, I support the Labor Movement because it supports the need of all working families, including my own. Members can trust that their family members who are union members will be working in safe conditions. They have been trained for the job at hand and they will make a decent wage to support their family.