Waluigi: The Greatest Underdog Story Ever Told


Christopher Galiano, Staff Writer

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced, the fan outcry for Waluigi began. Almost everybody wanted to see Waluigi make his appearance as a playable fighter in Nintendo’s biggest crossover fighting game. However, Nintendo refuses to let Waluigi live up to his potential alongside other Nintendo all-stars.

Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. He was added to the game because Wario needed a partner. Wario was the opposite of Mario, so it made sense to make Waluigi the opposite of Luigi. The purple tennis master himself, wears a cap with an upside down L, and his name is loosely translated to “bad” because he is a “bad Luigi.” Since his introduction, Waluigi has made some sort of appearance in over 60 Nintendo games, which is more than Isabelle, Mr. Game & Watch, and many other characters that are playable in Super Smash Bros. now.

Despite being seen as just, “Wario’s sidekick,” Waluigi is much more. He has appeared in games that Wario was not even in, such as Mario Tennis: Power Tour. He has also been in games, where his role has no connection to Wario, whatsoever. For example, in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, Waluigi was the main antagonist for the majority of the game, until the position was rudely stolen from him by Bowser, who was revealed to have been the big secret villain of the entire game. Waluigi has more than enough representation to justify being in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but why else should Waluigi be added to the roster?

Super Smash Bros.’ villain problem is understood amongst almost all of its fans. The roster only has thirteen villains, counting the upcoming Piranha Plant, out of the entire roster of over 70 characters. Waluigi would be a step in the right direction to solving this problem and bringing more villain representation to the game.

Not only does Waluigi make sense, as a villain, to be added to the Super Smash Bros. roster, but he has an enormous amount of fan support. A petition created on change.org has obtained almost 50,000 signatures in support for Waluigi joining the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This raises the question, why do so many people love and support a character that was originally only created to fill a roster spot in Mario Tennis? Someone posted an anonymous paragraph on Pinterest explaining why everybody loves Waluigi so much. “Waluigi isn’t necessarily evil, he’s just misunderstood.” The only evil thing Waluigi has truly ever done is try to rig some sporting games in an attempt to win. Can anybody blame him? Nintendo will not give him his own spinoff series, he is in love with Daisy, who is dating Luigi, and yet he still is not allowed to be playable in Super Smash Bros. He has a right to be angry and want something to go right in his life, even if it is just winning a tennis match or being the ultimate dance dance revolution champion. The author went on to say, Waluigi is “perhaps the most relatable character in the entire Mario franchise… He’s just a person in a world he wasn’t made to belong in trying to find his place. Just like all of us.” The person writing the post perfectly sums up fans’ love for Waluigi when he or she says, “Waluigi is the underdog in the Mario franchise in the same way we are all the underdog in our own lives… That’s why Waluigi needs to be in Smash. To prove that anyone can do anything if they persevere, and to display the greatest underdog story ever told.”


Here is the link to the full post if you want to read it:



And here is the link to the petition to have Waluigi put into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character:


I strongly encourage each of you to sign the petition to help Waluigi get his chance in the spotlight, the same way we each desire our own opportunity to obtain success.