The Global Studies Program: From the Perspective of the Freshmen


Olivia Naum, Staff Writer

The Center for Global Studies program is a unique network of classes designed to focus on history, literature, politics, and the world around us. Each year there are about three classes that replace history, English, and elective classes. While it is a challenging program, it is geared towards our interests and possibly the career we want to pursue. Therefore, the challenge at hand hardly ever seems to be a burden. Even though certain subjects are the core of Global Studies, the broadness of the program cultivates the beginning of interests in many different fields.

One student, Payton Trabb followed up this statement with, “I feel that with this program I am becoming a more well-rounded person.”       

As freshmen, we take Honors World Art Studio, Honors World Literature and the Writer’s Workshop, and AP Human Geography. One of the best aspects about being in Global Studies is how the concepts begin to overlap, and the knowledge gained can be applied into all of the classes. In addition to this, the classes are extremely interesting and provide us with challenges that allow us to be motivated to work hard everyday.

Rebecca Sharp comments that she enjoys “the specialized program because we learn about more important and relevant topics than the average high school student.” Since these three classes are a large portion of the school day, the thirty two freshman in the program have been able to build strong friendships. We have become so close in the first few months that we were able to participate in a “Secret Santa” just before winter break.

Many of the students in the program have created bonds that will last the duration of high school and possibly long after that. According to Maya Poole, “having a solid three classes a day with all of these different people, who you’d think wouldn’t go together at all but they do, makes the environment so much more tight knit. You also get to make close and trusting relationships to the point where you consider everyone family, and that is hard to do in a regular high school environment.”

In conclusion, the Center for Global Studies is an outstanding program created to guide students with high ambitions to their future, and I look forward to my next four years in the program.