Editorial: The Undeniable Truths About Trump’s Wall

Editorial: The Undeniable Truths About Trump's Wall

Omi Mehta, Staff Writer

Why The Wall Is Being Built

During the time of presidential elections in November of 2016, one of Trump’s most famous campaign pledges was to construct a wall on America’s southern border with Mexico.

In 2016, Donald Trump promised his supporters that he would take a stance on matters regarding immigration, and build a wall that would keep out any illegal immigrants wanting to come into the United States of America.

Now in 2018, the president states that Mexicans are ¨rapists” and ¨criminals¨ who come into America bringing countless problems attached to them. Not only that, but the president also stated that the ¨impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall” will protect the country from terrorism.

The wall, which would stretch 1,000 miles and secure the 1,900-mile border is promised to solve many problems, but looking further into statistics, a lot of Trump’s statements are proven to be false and entirely illogical.


Trump´s Unjustifiable And Irrational Statements

Many arguments  behind the construction of the wall are based on false assumptions. The harsh truth about illegal immigrants is that most of them enter America by plane. Through their visas, these immigrants are permitted into America and simply never end up leaving. These people are called ¨overstays.”

Trump wants to reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants in America but fails to acknowledge the ¨overstays¨. If the ¨overstays¨ are targeted, then a lot of problems would be solved for the government. If Trump focused more on identifying the ¨overstays¨,  then the $67 billion wall will become unnecessary as majority of the problems will be solved by just identifying the illegal immigrants.

Moreover, the illegal Mexican immigrants which Trump called ¨rapists¨ and ¨criminals¨ are just minors from Central America who are trying to stay alive. Based on statistics, it has been proven that the number of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico has dropped ever since 2014. Not only that, but there aren’t even as many illegal immigrants coming from Mexico as there are from places such as China and India.


Considering these facts, it can be seen that many of Trump’s statements are not justified. Become a symbol of division and ruining America’s relationship with Mexico, the construction of the wall proves to have very few logical arguments by its side.