Club Spotlight: Chess Club


Alexander Metz, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy strategy, meeting new people, or testing your mental prowess? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the chess club is the right outlet for you! Chess club meets once every two weeks after school on Tuesday or Thursday in D203. Ms. Pandolfo leads this terrific club that consistently gets an upwards of twenty people at every meet! If you ever wanted to give chess a try, then the FTHS chess club is a great place to start!

Chess is the ultimate test of strategy. With hundreds of millions of players worldwide, it is also one of the world’s most popular games. The basic premise is that through capturing your opponent’s pieces and moving your pieces down the board, you will eventually win the game when you trap the opponent’s king. Each piece has a different amount of spaces and direction that it can move, adding to the complexity. This game can be difficult and is great for people looking for a challenge.

In addition, each week, the presidents of the club, William Ching and Tyler Mezzle, teach the club members a strategic tactic, enabling them to play chess better. Chess club is also an excellent way to meet different people that have the same interests as you. This club is also very good for people who are just looking to have fun. If you need another reason to join, the chess club usually features snacks like chips or cookies during the meetings for people to eat.

Chess is a rewarding and complex game that is popular around the world. Playing chess is a great way to meet new people through a common hobby. It also is a ton of fun and a great mental exercise. You can get all of these benefits–plus free snacks, by joining the FTHS chess club.