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Motivational Monday: Take the Risk

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Motivational Monday: Take the Risk

Emily Ottone, Staff Writer

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We live in a society where easy is safety and safety is insurance. When applying for college, many applicants go for the simple route of writing about community service that they might have done over the summer. At school, people stick to talking to their previously made friends in fear that new people will judge them. Even clothing choice is affected by this; people have styles and they retain them.

While this way of living may be a form of security, it is restraining. Clearly, it is understandable as to why people live this way. It is human nature to stick with what you know; however, sticking with what you know could keep you back from so many potential opportunities that you might not even know about.

Have you ever really wanted to wear a skirt or ripped jeans but are afraid people would assume you are “trying hard?” Guess what? Most people do not even take notice to your new choice of fashion. And if they do and they are disrespectful about it, well, their opinion should  mean nothing to you. If they are nice? Well, awesome! You just got a compliment about your new choice of clothing! It is your choice what you wear and that is it. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or others, there is no harm in trying out that makeup you’ve never worn before, or wearing your hair down when you don’t typically.

Even when writing an essay for college, it is important to take a risk. Many kids right now are cramming in their studies and spending hours at their computers attempting to craft the perfect college essay. Coming up with a topic for essays like this isn’t a breeze either. Most students go for the route of writing about how inspiring something was to them or talking about a relative. While these options are great, they are very typical. If you had the idea of writing a satirical essay but were afraid of the outcome, why not try it? What if you end up writing the best essay you ever have written and dominate your applications? You would never know how good you really are until you took the risk of trying it out.

Ultimately, taking risks has a factor in everyday life, and sometimes stepping from the circle of your comfort zone will do you some good. While it may be scary, sometimes you just have to jump into it without thinking. It’s like jumping into a pool without knowing the temperature of it. While the possibilities of the risk may be scary, you never know what will come out of the decision until you actually give it a chance.

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Motivational Monday: Take the Risk