Be Inspired by Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’


Olivia Naum, Staff Writer

The former First Lady Michelle Obama released one of the most anticipated books of 2018: Becoming. Many were excited, and some desperate, to get a glimpse of her life’s journey spoken in her own words. The autobiography recalls the story of her feisty childhood years living in a tiny apartment to her time living in the monumental White House. Chapter by chapter Ms. Obama reveals through her experiences how she evolved into the woman that we know and love today.   

This book is incredibly well written with an honest and clear simplicity. Reading the book feels like chatting with a new friend as she openly shares her stumbling failures and successes earned by diligence. Just as she made herself approachable even as the First Lady, the book continues to display how relatable she truly is. Michelle Obama’s inspiring story will motivate students to push themselves to work hard after reading about her own ambitions.  She emphasizes going after what will truly make you happy after experiencing her own feelings of unfulfillment as a young woman. She reveals the questions and doubts she had as a student, wondering where her life would lead, something we can all currently relate to. The autobiography only reiterates the countless reasons why Michelle Obama is so admired and beloved. I recommend this book to everyone, it is an absolutely fascinating account on her life.  “Becoming” the person you were meant to be is the message we can all take away from this insightful book.