How to Balance School Work, Extracurriculars, and Your Social Life.


Skyler Olson, Staff Writer

It is no surprise how stressful the life of a high school student can be. Let’s face it: trying to balance academics, friendships, and all those clubs that you need to get into college is time consuming and a lot of pressure for someone who isn’t even considered a legal adult yet. The concept of finding a healthy way to accomplish all of these tasks is difficult for teenagers who are not only trying to find time management skills but also trying to find themselves.

Multitasking as a word alone is overwhelming, but it might become a useful tool when finding time to spend with friends and studying for that big test coming up becomes stressful. Studying with friends can not only “prepare you for the real world,” but it is a fun way to learn faster, gain new perspectives, as well as new obtain study skills. It has been proven that if a teenager sees a group of their friends are all setting the same goal, then they will then follow their friends in order to fit in. Studying with friends kills two birds with one stone and, if enjoyed, might become a regular thing which will only have a positive outcome.

Organization is also key component when  living a productive lifestyle. Simple tasks like keeping a planner, color coding, or even just keeping a tidy workplace will help maintain good time management skills. Speaking from experience, there is no better feeling in the world then crossing a task off a to-do list and color coding makes doing that so much easier. For instance if math is associated with the color green and a student were to just quickly glance at a planner and see that set color they would know that they might need to bring math materials home for the day without having to take the time to read out each specific task.

Even when following tips and tricks to time manage better, making choices to a better future is somewhat inevitable. Whether it be something as small as choosing between attending a party or completing a homework assignment; or something bigger like deciding whether or not to take the time out and study for the SATS, a decision may need to be made due to the lack of productivity in the short 24 hours of a day. In times like this, it is important to think of how the decision will affect a student in the long run. Will they want to remember a party they attended for a few hours during their junior year or will they remember how good it felt to get a good grade on a hard topic in class? The party might be fun for a few hours might impact a social life dramatically but, in reality it will not help in bringing any success in fulfilling a future goal.

Although time management  has its perks and can help with the stress aspect of balancing academia and a social life, a sacrifice is going to have to ultimately be made; and despite the fact that getting into college should be one of the main priorities in a students life, mental health should always come before. Having a break and finding oneself is what being a teenager is all about and taking time off from studying and trying to better one’s future is equally as important. Time management and productivity is important skill and will not only help in future years of school but, will one day help in a work environment so therefore it is key to find a healthy balance of tasks.