Mixed Messages: Queen Elizabeth’s Controversial 2018 Christmas Message


Olivia Naum , Staff Writer

For over sixty years, the Queen of England, broadcasts a Christmas message to the world, usually a similar setting and speech every single time. In the 2018 video, the camera zooms into one of the many palaces owned by the royal family, to show Queen Elizabeth sitting stiffly at her desk. She sits amidst lavish and ornate decor, most noticeably a large gold piano. After going through the notable events of the year, while taking long pauses and sighs to get through it, she discusses her aspiration for a better world.           


After viewing the video it comes to mind, what is the true relevance of having a monarchy in the present day? Many find the royals and everything they do fascinating, including myself. Yet, what is the purpose of the Queen broadcasting a hypocritical message that no one in today’s world can relate to? She mentions the importance of benevolence and charity while surrounded by riches most people cannot fathom. She urges the people to be more willing to give by commenting on the importance it has on our society.  Watching the video, it can be wondered if she even realizes the suffering, poverty, and starvation presently occurring in our world. The Queen notes on the paradoxes in our world, but she does not mean how she has been able to live a grandiose lifestyle for over ninety years while so many struggle.

The British monarchy has been intriguing to the entire world for centuries. The Queen and the entire royal family is seen as a representation of the people of the country. However, how can they be expected to do so without understanding what the people go through in their everyday lives. While this is all true, one must remember that Queen Elizabeth has been in power for so long, that society and the way the monarchy was viewed was entirely different when she first began. As new generations come into power, we can hope to see a better connection between the royals and the citizens of the United Kingdom and people all over the world. This can already be seen in the work of her grandchildren, Prince William, Prince Harry, Duchess Kate, and Duchess Meghan. Possibly, in years to come, the annual Christmas broadcast will become a hopeful beacon for the new year showcasing the empathy and compassion the royal family has for humanity.