Our Future’s In Space


Casey White, Staff Writer

There are so many movies that have people living in space. Movies and television shows have put the fact that people can live in space in the future in everyone’s brains. No matter how much NASA shows the public how complicated it is, everyone still commonly believes that it is our future. Is it really, though?

In NASA’s time, they have send up 166 manually controlled rockets and 15 unmanned rockets into space. Just so you know, NASA is 60 years old. This means that in their time active, they have sent about three rocks into space per year. These rockets are designed for trained astronauts and technicians and have the bare minimum needed for human survival. NASA currently doesn’t have the technological knowledge and materials in order to create spaceships that could support people living on it for more than a decade or so.

Of course, the world evolved a lot within a hundred years, so it is possible NASA could research ways to adapt the rocket and make it more sustainable for longer periods of times with more people. In the case of having ships with enough technology, it is possible for it to happen. Currently, scientists are working on ways to make certain important pieces of technology into more portable and more convenient for people. If the research continues at the rate it is now, the likelihood of a star wars like future is quite possible. However, each person and family would need to through intense training and tests in order to prepare them for their travels and life in space. It is a distant goal that we continuously strive to, yet its future seems all the more imminent!