The Love Story of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Omi Mehta, Staff Writer

How They First Met

Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World, global actress, philanthropist, and singer married Nick Jonas, singer, artist, and actor on December 1st, breaking all the boundaries of race, age, and culture. It is a common misconception that the first time Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra met was at the Met Gala of 2017. In reality,  the very first and personal meeting of the now-married couple was at the Vanity Fair oscars after party. After, the two kept in touch through social media, Nick and Priyanka made their very first public appearance at the Met Gala, wearing the clothes made by designer, Ralph Lauren.

This appearance stirred up many rumors about them dating, but it was not until May of 2017 that they actually became a couple. After dating for about two months, Jonas and Chopra flew to Greece, where they became officially engaged. Four months into the engagement, the  decided that the Umaid Bhawan palace, located in Jodhpur, India, would be the perfect wedding venue .


The Ceremonies Held at Jodhpur

Because Chopra has an Indian background, the couple took part in many customary Hindu ceremonies before the wedding actually took place.

Their first ceremony started off with a Hindu prayer. After a few days, the bride,  the groom, and their close family and friends traveled to Jodhpur, where they began the Mehendi ceremony, a celebration in which Henna is applied on both the bride and groom. The next ceremony was the Haldi (turmeric) ceremony, where a turmeric paste was applied to both Priyanka and Nick. This ceremony is one of the most significant parts in the tradition because it signifies prosperity and love in the Hindu culture.

About a day before the wedding, everyone became a part of a beautiful musical evening, where Chopra and Jonas´ most famous songs were played. The night ended with fireworks and last minute preparations by both of the families for the couple’s big day.


The Wedding

Image courtesy of The Indian Express

On the wedding day, the couple first  married in a Christian ceremony, where the pastor was Nick Jonas´ father, making the moment truly special for everyone present. For the western wedding,  Priyanka and Nick wore a custom look by Ralph Lauren – a nod to their first public appearance together during the Met Gala

The white, sheer, and long-sleeved gown that Priyanka wore to the Western ceremony took about 1,826 hours to create. Her veil was quite simple, but it was about 75 feet long, becoming the longest veil ever worn by a bride. The gown had a very personal meaning to  Chopra as it had about eight different words stitched on it, signifying everything and everyone who are close to her. This is the first time Ralph Lauren made a wedding dress for someone outside of his family, which made the day even more special for the two families.

For the Indian wedding, Chopra wore a long, red, embroidered lehenga (dress) famously made by one of the most well-known designers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. This dress was made with silk, crystals, and hand-cut organza flowers. White Chopra wore a lehenga, Nick Jonas wore a hand-quilted Sherwani. The couple took seven rounds around the holy fire, which signified them being together for seven lifetimes. As the wedding came to an end, the couple ended the night off by cutting an eighteen-feet high cake, which was molded into the shape of the Umaid Bhawan Palace.