Editorial: Why You Shouldn’t Eat During Class


Samantha Montalbine, Staff Writer

Yes, sometimes we all can get really hungry during class, but instead of eating right away, you should wait until lunch. Here are some reasons why:


1) It is a known fact that the majority of teachers don’t want students eating during class. Whether it’s because there are chemicals present in the room or that your teacher simply doesn’t like food out during class, you can get into trouble. While some teachers are more lenient than others, eating during class isn’t worth the risk of getting into trouble.

2) Eating during class can be a distraction to other students. When opening your hidden food to eat, the majority of the time you wouldn’t think about how the smell let off by said food can affect your peers. The smell can cause your peers to grow hungry, like you. Their being hungry can even cause them to eat their food during class as well, which might ultimately get them in trouble, leaving feeling guilty . Also, some students may have trouble focusing on the lesson because of the sound of your chewing, especially if you’re eating something like chips. This can be stressful for the student as well as harmful to their understanding of the lesson, affecting their future performance in the class.

3) The list of possible allergies are endless, making it so that you’ll never know if one of your peers are allergic to something you eat. Let’s say you’re hungry during class, so you decide to take out a granola bar filled with chocolate, raisins and peanuts. This makes your friend hungry as well, so they ask for a piece. You give your friend a piece without knowing about their nut allergy. God forbid this actually happens, but they then eat the piece of the granola bar, causing them to have an allergic reaction. Not only did you harm your friend but you’d also have to feel guilty that you hurt them, which no one would want.

4) Eating food during class can ruin your lunch! Let’s say during block 3 you get hungry, so you eat a snack that you had prepared for this situation. Happily, you eat your snack, satisfied with your choice. That is, until the bell rings and you head to lunch. Then you’re not hungry anymore: you just ate a half hour ago, so you aren’t hungry just yet. You had just spoiled your appetite, and then you might not want to eat your lunch. You then wasted your food, which is never a good thing.

5) When you were growing up, your parents most likely have told you that food attracts bugs. When students hide their food during class, they often forget to properly throw out the food as well as its wrapper or container. The food’s crumbs left behind can attract insects, such as cockroaches. If this occurs, the next morning you will most likely see a dead cockroach on its back, which is quite disturbing to all who has to see it. No student, teacher nor janitor wants to see or have to deal with this.


You might not agree, or have mixed feelings about whether or not food should be allowed during class. A fellow Freehold Township student by the name of Anya Malsbury, for instance, thinks that, “It’s fine depending on the situation. Some kids don’t have time in the morning to eat breakfast.” Another student, Casey White, believes that, “It is okay because sometimes people get hungry, but sometimes it can be an issue because some people can have allergies and it can possibly kill them.” These can all be true, but still – food shouldn’t be eaten during class because it can hurt both your peers as well as yourself.