Your 2018 Music Experience with Spotify Wrapped


Nicole Dimock, Editor

With 2018 coming to an end, you may be curious to see which songs defined your year. The music streaming service Spotify recently brought back its very popular website, Spotify Wrapped. This website gives you a recap of all the music you have listened to this year. Throughout the years, it’s been very popular with the users, and their recaps are being shared and compared all over social media. Spotify users can visit the website if they are interested in viewing their stats. All you have to do is log into the website with your Spotify information, and you can scroll through the different features and pages.

Spotify Wrapped starts off by telling you the very first song you listened to in 2018, and the first artist you discovered this year. You may be surprised by how much your music taste changed from then until now.

If you are interested in an overview of what your 2018 favorites are, the streaming service breaks it down into your top 5 artists, songs, and genres. Spotify gets really specific and even shows you which artist you listened to the most. Find out what your breakdown reveals about you and how diverse your music preferences have been throughout the year.

Spotify also gives you a few other interesting features. If you played any oldies this year, the website will show you the oldest song you listened to. Astrology fans may be interested in another feature where they can see the zodiac sign they’ve been given based on the artists they listened to most frequently. These little features may tell you something about yourself and your personality that you might not have realized before which is quite intriguing.

Not only can you find out the quality of your music this year, but the quantity as well. Spotify goes really in depth of just how long you have listened to music. It allows you to guess how many total minutes you have spent listening to music then reveals how much time you’ve actually spent. I listened for 24,577 total minutes which converts to about 17 days straight of listening to music. I was actually surprised by this because I knew I listened to a lot of music, but I didn’t know I spent THAT much time on it. Even though this seems quite a bit, some music lovers have made it to almost 100,000 minutes which is absolutely mind-blowing. Beyond that, you can find out how many hours you have listened to your favorite artist. I’ve spent almost two whole days listening to just one artist. I didn’t realize how much of the year I spent just listening to music, so I found this feature was eye opening and really fascinating.

All of your information then comes together to create one of the most popular features of Spotify Wrapped which is your top 100 playlist of 2018. This playlist includes a wide variety of songs you listened to all the way back in January up until now. This is the part where you actually get to re-experience your 2018 and the users are especially excited about it. You can find and listen to some of the songs you may have forgot about, and some of your all-time favorites as well. It’s kind of like a musical timeline of your year which is nostalgic, but also really enjoyable.

The other playlist Spotify gives you is called “Tastebreakers.” It gives you a new list of songs that you may have never heard of. According to Spotify, the aim of the playlist is for you to “start 2019 by broadening your horizons. We’ve made you a playlist of songs from genres and artists you don’t normally explore – and we think you’ll like it.” Even though these are songs and artists you may not particularly listen to, the playlist was created based on the type of music you have listened to this year. This makes the playlist very personal to you, so you may find the songs enjoyable even though they are different.

The best part of Spotify Wrapped is that it is for you. Nobody’s recap is going to look exactly the same which makes yours very unique and personal. The website was a very effective way for the platform to connect with its users and make the overall experience special.