Seniors Take Home 2nd Straight BotC Title

Anna Kaganova, Amit Bachani, and Deryn Younger

As the corners of the gymnasium rapidly filled with familiar and illuminating faces, and the procession advanced to the bleachers to take their seats, it was clear that the 2018 Battle of the Classes was going to be more than a mere spectacle. BOTC, a night of much elation and festivity, was host to a full turnout, and featured numerous games and activities that culminated towards the highly anticipated lip sync, which revealed both the deep rivalry and earnest camaraderie between all classes.

Patriot Nation Week began with the Find the Patriot hunt – a victory which was decisively claimed by the seniors, followed with yet another victory during Costume Day on November 19th. Just like last year, the seniors impressed the school as they recreated the teachers and administration of FTHS with their inventive costumes. The Seniors also won the Service Challenge by bringing in over 200 articles of food, paper goods, and toiletries to support members of the military.


The main BOTC event consisted of nine parts:

   -Scooter Race, won by the Seniors

   -The Egg Toss, won by the Freshmen

   -Game of Chicken, won yet again by Freshmen

   -Junk Challenge, won by the Juniors

   -Brain Game, won by the Seniors

   -Tug-o-war, won by Juniors

   -Balloon Popping, won by Seniors

   -AND, the most awaited event of them all: Lip Sync, won by the Seniors, and making them the champions of BOTC for two years in a row! You can watch all the dances right here! 


In 2018 BOTC, the Seniors won the first place, Juniors the second, Freshmen the third, and Sophmores the fourth. Regardless of the final place, all teams performed incredibly well and showed admirable vitality, teamwork and creativity during the many challenges they faced, most notably when performing the anticipated lip syncs. Thank you to all the teams for your hard work and the amazing show you put up, and thank you to all FTHS students for the enthusiasm and positivity with which you supported our teams! Here’s hoping for a great year ahead!


Here’s what FTHS students thought about the competition this year:

Deryn Younger, Senior: “It was very fun, loud, entertaining. It was exciting to see my classmates competing and winning!”


Eva G, Junior: “BOTC was really fun, competitive, exciting! There was a lot of school spirit! Can’t wait for next year!”

Eli R, Sophomore: “I did enjoy it! I had a really good time. The sophomores don’t know how to cheer their team on though. They need to learn how to tell and scream.”

Ridha C, Freshman: “The games were very entertaining to watch. I’m proud that the freshman team came in third!”

Alyssa Schroeck, Senior: “BOTC is so much fun every single year. Our team is filled with such smart, talented people and it’s great that we get to carry on the title as two-time champions. I’m definitely going to miss it next year!”

Kaylee Dillon, Senior: “The night was extremely exciting and fun. It was a really great way to celebrate our last BOTC with the senior class.”