Time Travel: Past, Present, or Future


A wormhole, or theoretical passage through time.

Casey White, Staff Writer

According to our common belief, time travel isn’t possible. In the eyes of some, time is just a reality that we’ve been born into. Many people find that time travel is just a creation of sci-fi and would never actually be possible in real life. According to actual science, time travel is possible, but it is just a bit complicated and slightly different than what is shown in movies.  Basically, how fast time is moving depends on how fast the person is moving. “The faster you move through space, the slower you move through time. We’ve been able to measure this with ultra-precise atomic clocks in jet airplanes, and the precision offered by the GPS system needs to take this into account. Sci-fi always seems to require complicated contraptions to jump in time, when all you need is a very large rocket,” says Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University. This means that anyone who in is a car, plane, train, or in any other vehicle is, in fact, traveling slower in time. This also means that we are all constantly traveling in the future, just one second at a time. 

Astronauts age slower in space than they do on Earth. This is caused by how fast the rocket is going. In recent studies, scientists compare whether the age gap between twins brothers would change after the other returned from his exploration in space. The astronaut, Scott Kelly, returned home (after being in space for one year) to his slightly older twin brother, Mark Kelly, to prove that time travel was in fact possible. The scientists did a couple of test on Scott’s genetics and how he changed and compared it to his brother, and the discovery was remarkable. The scientists found that Scott ended up aging slower than his brother while on the rocket and that the age gap between the boy’s increased by just a little bit!

Recently, there have been multiple occasions of people claiming to have traveled to the future with the assistance of their government. Most recently, multiple people from all over various English speaking countries have come to America in search for people who will listen to their warnings about the future. Every single person who claimed to have seen the future all talked about similar things; unbreathable air, pollution, heat, extinction of many animals, etc. They even described the scenery the same, red skies, green water, and overpopulation. Each of the descriptions also happen to be during the same time period in which the people claim they traveled to. Most recently, a young man from Britain claimed to have spent time in the future with immortal cyborgs that have solutions to every problem and can speak every language. He claims that not so far into the future, the cyborgs come to Earth in search of assistance in advancements and this is how society turns out afterwards. He does specify that humans were given special chips that were surgically placed into them and allows their brain to have tons of advancement.

It’s sounds totally unrealistic to say that there robotic cyborgs that rule the world, but keep in mind, he does make this claim saying he goes thousands of years into the future. Humans were capable of going from rocks to electronic devices within two thousand years, so three thousand years from now, who knows what we’ll be capable of? According to biological theory, an evolution this big is completely possible. Of course, the cyborgs are described as aliens that took over the world, so there is a lack of realism in that. 

A cigarette shaped astroid, or potential UFO?

As odd as it sounds, there is also proof that the claim about the aliens can be perfectly true. Only a couple days ago, scientists found a cigarette shapes object flying towards Earth. As they watched it, they saw it turn completely around and fly around the sun. Somehow, it was completely able to resist the UV rays of the sun. These scientists (yes, scientists) say that they believe that this was the an actual alien ship. Back to the discussion at hand, however, time travel has been proven by several scientific tests to be completely possible. Science is just a couple years away from cracking so many codes that they’ve been studying for years, and this is just one of the few. Although time travel seems unrealistic, in only a couple years (predictions says 2028) engineers will design the first time traveling machine or device that will revolutionize the world yet again. Perhaps, it could be the iron of our century!