Peering Within: World Peace– Where Does It Start?

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Dezaray Skalski, Columnist

Did you know that more than two-thirds of people put some type of resolution on their list that involves friendship or volunteering? Did you know that world peace is one of the top 3 wishes made by people around the world to occur at the start of 2015? Where is all of this change going to start? The answer is, the change starts with us, each and every one of us. Believe it or not this can be achieved and by the following ways:

  1. Have a common respect for other peoples views as I mentioned in my previous column.
  2. Remember that people say stupid things sometimes and not to let it bother you. It isn’t worth blowing up about and if it bothers you that much just walk away and talk to a friend or trusted adult about it.
  3. Remember that nobody is better than anyone else. Everyone may not come from the same home or have the same luxuries, but that isn’t for anyone else to judge. If everyone believe that everyone has the same worth then there is no cause for judgement.
  4. Remember that life is precious and should not be messed around with. One way we as young adults can honor this is by not putting ours, and others in danger with pranks and dares. Also be conscientious of  what you say to others because one comment can change a lot.
  5. The fifth and final thing to consider is to help others in need. Not only is volunteering good for college, but it can help others who are  in need and make you feel good about yourself also. Volunteering isn’t just about going to a nursing home and helping out in a soup kitchen, there are tons of other ways to help where you don’t even need to leave the house. You can make cards for troops with friends, or even start a online blog to spread the news about a pressing issue. Somethings may not be able to be put on that college application but its one step closer to world peace than we were.

In closing, while you are writing your new years resolutions, or adding new ones, consider the fact that helping out shouldn’t just be for your own benefit. Everyone should strive for a better world and that all starts with a little spark to create a fire of change. Cool? Cool.

Stay classy, guys!