Homecoming Dance Recap and Photos

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Homecoming Dance Recap and Photos

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The homecoming dance this year was a huge success! Over 400 students showed up – and had a great time, whether they were heating it up on the dancefloor or cooling down with their friends in the courtyard.

Below, you can find some quotes from students who went to Wednesday’s dance.

It was fun! I liked the photo booth. They had cool masks. – Remi Masarik

I loved the dance !! I went last year and had so much fun and then this year I had even more fun. the DJ was great, everyone looked so nice and was having a great time. It was really nice to be there. – Morgan O’Shea

It was awkward at first, but after a few songs everyone started to get into the mood and made it fun. I couldn’t walk after the dance… – Salma Martinez

It was fun! I put heels and a Chinese lantern through my hoop. Lost my feet the next day, so today I’m walking across the school in slippers. – Princessa Mendez

It was a lot of fun, and a lot of my friends were there so it lightened up everything. It relieved some stress of the block scheduling! – Eli Regan

This year it was really fun, there was a lot of people there. – Evan Nastarowicz

I had a good time. There wasn’t as many people as there was last year. It was a really nice time, everyone was really engaged and dancing to music. Many people were dressed up, but some really weren’t. Everyone was really committed this year. I won’t be able to go to the dance again next year since I’m a senior, but I really recommend all underclassmen to go to homecoming next year! – Paige Mastandrea

It was better than last year! – Alexa Malson

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