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Erica’s (LAST) Friday Playlist: 6/15/18

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Erica’s (LAST) Friday Playlist: 6/15/18

Erica Singh, Staff Writer

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“Taxi Cab” by Twenty One Pilots

This is my all time favorite song. If I have ever told you my favorite song, this is it. It’s a slow and sad song that brings me both happiness and sadness. The overall theme of the song is death – which is makes the song sad but it goes extremely into depth and the lyrics just hit home. It’s a beautiful song and deserves to be listened to by everyone at least once in their lifetime.


“Parachute” by Neck Deep

This song is just about the complete opposite from the one I just talked about. This song is a super happy and meaningful song that brings a smile to my day every time I listen to it. It may be the fact that I can make real world connections to this song, but this song is reminds me of graduation. This song talks about leaving and moving on to new and bigger things in life and for me, that connects to me graduating and leaving. This is such a catchy song that also deserves recognition.


“Jumper – 1998 Edit” by Third Eye Blind

This song has been one of my favorites since I was little and continues to stay pretty high up on that list. The sound of the song sounds neutral – it starts out slow but builds up. The lyrics however, make the song sad. The song is filled with inspiring words that can potentially help someone when they need it. I find this song so special because it puts hope out into the world and everyone can use a little hope in life.


“Electric Love” by BØRNS

This song was shown to me awhile ago as a new discovery by my friend, and we instantly fell in love with it. The sound of this song is just so cheerful and almost makes me want to break out into a serious singing show (It’s happened before). The “Oliver Remix” of this song is also another amazing version of this song. The lyrics explain what love can do you. It’s a pretty amazing song if you ask me!


“Box Of Rain” by Grateful Dead

This song was brought into my life by one of my good friends, Alexa. She explained to me how this song has made an impact on her so I gave it a listen, and listened again, and again, and just once more until i came to terms with myself that this is one of my favorite songs. This song is such a simple sounding song but it also messes with my head especially when I listen to it with headphones on. The 3D sound to this song travels from my left ear to my right giving off the most amazing sounds amd lyrics. It’s a different sounding song than expected.


I had so much fun writing these playlists every Friday and i’m so sad that this will be my last one!! Thank you to everyone who helped me get to the place i’m at now. The PatPress will always hold a special place in my heart! :’-)

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Erica’s (LAST) Friday Playlist: 6/15/18