Spitfire 2018 Performances

Sarahelena Marrapodi – “The Reality”


Zohar Grinvald – “Pocket-Sized Feminism”


Ben Schornstein – “The New Colossus”


Alyssa Granito – Hamilton Medley


Anna Ma – “I See Nothing”


Morgan O’Shea – Shakespeare Soliloquy


Alex Epstein – “Roll in Peace” Remix


Lilia Gerstmyer – “Girl Code 101”


Salma Pathan, Aisha Bashir, & Rashaada Chase – “I’m a Person of Color”


Nadine Jose – “All Lives Matter, 1800’s Edition”


Caleb Zettell & Justin McCloud- “The Fortnight Rap”


Sofia Kaganova


Joe Candullo – “How to Be a Proper Gay”


Joe Park – “Moles Don’t Think About Space or Small Talk”


Katie Rivera – “The Future”


Maha Khan – “Woman”; Cam Schwartz – “Kidnap Poem”


Mo Gonzalez – “Art is a Facebook Status About Your Winter Vacation”


Veeda Khan – “The Taste of Words”


Lauren Farrell – “The Words I’d Say to You”


Maggie Capasso & Kelly Beuka- “For Teenage Girls”


Cat Carfagno, Liz Mays, Dylan Park, & Julia Gasarowski – “All Star”


Oliver Jamison – “Plastic”


Kayla Ailey – “Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Lives”


Isaiah Wyckoff (with Jordan Schiavallo) – “Boogie Oogie” Dance


Emma Cardillo – “My Flower”


Tyler Mezle – “An Ode to Billy Mays”


Sharon Rodgers – “Sunroof”


Collin Licata – “The Confession”


Olivia Lieberman – “Slow Down”


Sam DeLeon & Nadia Othman – “What’s Your Line?”


Connor Lorwey – “The Sun”


Tara Crespi – Original Poem


Anna Kaganova – “Home”


Noelle Hor – “Little Things”


The Step Team


Bey-triot Nation Video