Erica’s Friday Playlist: 5/18/18

Erica Singh, Staff Writer

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“Heavy Lies” by Neck Deep

This is an upbeat and fun sounding song. I like this song because the sound of it is sort of pop but you can hear hints of rock. The lyrics are about having doubts in someone new, or slightly bad trusting issues. The song explains how you get that once in a lifetime connection with someone and realizing both parties are equally nervous about pushing a relationship. This song is super catchy but not the annoying radio overplayed kind.


“Floral & Fading” by Pierce The Veil

This is more of a gloomy but hint of happy sounding song. I like it because the tone of the lead singer, Vic Fuentes’, voice fits perfectly with the song’s tune. The lyrics tell a story but it’s better if you listen to it yourself to experience all stages of the song. The guitar solo is short but definitely super enjoyable.


“If I Could Fly” by One Direction

This is a very slow, gloomy song. I like it because it’s not what you would expect out of a boyband, they really chose a good sound to this song. The lyrics are talking about missing someone a lot when you can not see them. It’s a nice song, i really like it because it can be used as a shower slow jam, a sad drive to school song, or (what i had it as) an alarm in the morning. It didn’t work.


“Naive” by The Kooks

This is a happier song, that stayed upbeat and is extremely catchy. The accent of the lead singer sounds so good with this song. This is a different type of pop in my opinion. I like this song because it’s such a “beach day” song. It’s the perfect song to drive to with windows down too. I still don’t even know what the lead singer is singing in the chorus because of his accent, but the song is still super catchy.


“CRUTCH” by The Frights

This is a new song by this band. It is way harder than their normal songs. My two very good friends who are fans of this band say this song is disappointing compared to their previous songs because the new sounding stuff from them is “too emo,” but can anything really be too emo? I think the answer to that is a no. The song is fast, upbeat, and pretty hard. I love every second of this song!

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