Flash Fix With Marc Kaliroff: “Therefore She Is” – Season 4 Episode 20


Marc Kaliroff, Editor

The Flash is three steps away from the finish line. It is time for another development heavy episode before all the loose ends start getting wrapped up. This article will cover season four episode twenty of The Flash, “Therefore She Is.”


Last time Leonard Snart, Citizen Cold, returned in order to help Barry transport the second nuclear metahuman to appear in Central City. Meanwhile, Black Siren of Earth X attempted to sabotage their mission while DeVoe missed a step in his master plan. Snart went back home and DeVoe revealed what could possibly be his long-running intentions.

4X20 Review “Therefore She Is”

Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe’s backstories were finally expanded upon and it was a bit of a mess. This episode was extremely inconsistent. It is filled with great moments that help breath new life into needed development standpoints, but there are several problems that hold it down. The biggest problem this time is that the pacing was all over the place, but its idea of expansion that will benefit the last three episodes certainly worked. “Therefore She Is” feels like an episode that was edited out of order; an episode that would give you a headache due to how many different things are going on. The entire episode feels choppy. Every other minute, the episode is bouncing between three different stories, two of which no one really cares about.

The main point being driven home here was the fact that DeVoe has a rather rocky relationship with his wife, but they were practically inseparable… until the wife finally excepted that the man she loved is dead. Clifford has been a character that’s been rapidly changing all season. It was not clear as to what exactly his motive was all season, but he was certainly after something greater. He is the first Flash main season villain that actually had no powers. DeVoe has had two common powers; knowledge and ambition. DeVoe slowly became even more ruthless than before. The character has destroyed every single relationship he ever had in hopes of achieving his pursuit of knowledge. I’m interested in seeing how this character’s story unfolds as this could be his last three episodes since Flash villains are known for being killed in the most glorious fashion. On the other hand, his wife Marlize finally showed some light on her past. As predicted, she’s just a curious woman who fell for DeVoe. She finally announced her husband deceased and broke her bonds from the Thinker after seeing him murder a couple security guards in cold blood. I was hoping that this character would perhaps have a deeper backstory, but anything could happen in the last upcoming batch of episodes.

No, they are not going to kill off Harrison Wells. This guy has been killed and resurrected more times then Ra’s al Ghul at this point. If you really think this guy is leaving, then I really am at a lost for words for you. Cecile and Harry had some neat chemistry, but the fact still stands that Cecile is clearly here to just provide a solution for a plot-point that will have next to no effect on the show. Cecile is a character that could be setting up a possible return of Eobard Thawne due to multiple Reverse Flash connections. Before those future stories unveil themselves, Cecile needs to find her place on the show. She is always a character that everyone just vents to about their problems. I thought they were finally giving her a purpose during the middle of the season, but so far she has done nothing significant. She is another excuse to solve problems which is something that I deeply despise. It is a cheap way out for the writers and it degrades the season in the long-run.

Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe.

Dawn Allen made a short yet somewhat eventful appearance. At this point, we can basically give full confirmation that the character is indeed the future child or grandchild of Barry and Iris, as Dawn ran away in fear when initially seeing her family members in their prime. The blue lightning is also a trait that the character often showed in the comics so this practically a guarantee at this point, but I would not expect to see her return the rest of the season unless we get another Rex Tyler situation or she will be the main focus next season. Speaking of family, Cisco and Gypsy finally split. The two called it quits after not being able to handle an earth-hoping relationship. This did not surprise me in the slightest. There is really nothing noteworthy to be said about this. Gypsy has been absent about all season. It is hard to care for a character when they only appear once in a blue moon. It feels as if the writers could not figure out how to give the DeVoes a full episode so they just decided to close off one of the plot-points waiting in the pipeline.

Overall this was an average episode, which is disappointing after having two great episodes. It had nothing to really talk about that is important to the shows overall plot and characters. There is a lot of setups clearly being placed here, but the big question is if all of this will pay off or fall flat on its face. Besides the DeVoe family development, the rest of the episode was simply average. Entertaining? Yes. Worthwhile? Sort of. Also, the sound design this episode sounded extremely off. Some of the background sound effects like the gunshot early on were extremely weak, almost to Arrow levels of bad.


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