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Talking Dead with Pedro: 8.13

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Talking Dead with Pedro: 8.13

Pedro Vasquez, Staff Writer

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Welcome back walker fanatics to the return episode of AMC’s hit drama series, The Walking Dead. Episode 13 started off with Morgan nodding his head in disappointment only to turn around to see Gavin (who’s dead, but he’s in Morgan’s mind). Morgan hears a loud car horn, and that signals for him to honk his horn, as do other civilians. The Hilltop is ready to roll out into battle, Henry asks King Ezekiel for his gun, but Ezekiel denies his request and tells him it’s not his battle to fight. Henry begs and pleads with Ezekiel and Carol to let him fight, but they believe if he goes out there, he’ll die.

Siddiq walks into his new job as one of the doctors of Hilltop. The doctor there asks if he ever performed surgery, amputated a limb, and other doctor related duties. Siddiq responds with he can figure it out, but the doctor immediately asks if he has ever shot a gun before while holding a wounded patient. Siddiq raises his tone and tells her he knows enough to help contribute as a doctor, but the Hilltop doctor claims he doesn’t know a single thing. Siddiq straightens her up by telling her instead of lecturing him and asking him what he’s done, she should be telling him what to do because there are bad people coming. She responds with she likes him and gives him a vest to put on.

Savior trucks and vehicles pull up to the Hilltop. Simon commands his men to take down the gates. Simon gets a radio call from Maggie asking for Negan. Simon replies with “You’re speaking to Negan, but on my birth certificate it says, Simon”. Maggie is now called the “widow” in the eyes of the Saviors. Simon apologizes for what has happened, and what’s going to happen. Simon then says their people are going to have to pay for what they did to one of their men. Maggie says all 38 Saviors are here still, but if they don’t turn around, they will all die. Simon says he doesn’t care about those 38 because they have gotten themselves into their own pickle. Simon speaks to his army letting them know the plan is to do away all of these people.

Dwight questions Simon’s order and sees if they should wait for Negan to see if this is what he wants. Simon replies, “Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission”. After that statement was made, Daryl pulls up in his motorcycle and starts plowing down on Saviors with a gun planted in his motorcycle! Daryl rides his bike back into the Hilltop, Saviors begin to follow, but as the Saviors pull up to the gate, a school bus cuts off the Saviors causing a collision. Maggie orders her army to fire, but Saviors came prepared as they begin firing arrows! One major fatality in the battle is Tobin who is shot in the leg, and as he takes cover and turns around, a Savior stabs him in the stomach! The Savior is ultimately killed by Carol, but as she rushes in to check on her ally, Tobin is critical condition. Siddiq pops into the equation and tells Carol that he’ll look out for him. Simon calls for Dwight to help rush the battlefield, and Daryl follows them. Daryl screams “Tara!” that is when a Savior pops in out in shadows, but that didn’t scare him as he puts the Savior down in one gunshot. Simon throws an arrow at her arm, but it was a minor wound. Simon and other Saviors retreat for the time being and hide behind the school buses.

They begin to move out slowly and start whistling to attract the hostiles. Car lights shine bright, and the Hilltop defend themselves and start plowing down every Savior that they see! The Saviors retreat into their vehicles but are greeted by Rick who guns down everyone. He almost kills an ally being Siddiq by mistake, he tells him to stay down. Morgan sees another vision of Gavin, but it’s all in his head. The Saviors got away, but Maggie wanted all them dead especially Negan. Rick tells her he almost killed him but didn’t. Maggie thanks him for the effort though.

Walkers begin banging on the door of the Hilltop, as everyone is trying to regroup from what happened the night before. Tara speaks to Daryl and blames herself for Dwight aligning himself with the Saviors again. She regrets aligning herself with the Governor too, and so did Daryl’s brother Merle. Daryl responded with that he went the other road all his life, and if he were still alive they probably are with the Saviors. Tara is willing to forgive Dwight because she saw he was trying to help them out last night, but Daryl believes he saw something different.

Rick is destroying all the barricades in his room up until Michonne walks in checking up on him. Rick turned off all of the generators to save gas. Michonne sees he’s struggling, so she helps out her man–real wife material.

Maggie lets a Savior lose outside the gates so he can bury his people. A Kingdom warrior compliments Maggie’s leadership. She questions her leadership because Negan is not part of those dead bodies.

Carol is currently checking up on Tobin after the fatal blow to the leg, and the knife stab to the stomach. Tobin begins flirting with Carol saying if a stab wound gets her attention, then he would’ve done it a long time ago. Carol and Tobin used to be a couple, but she left him in a rude manner. Carol broke it to Tobin that she wanted to live her life, but the didn’t get rid of the Saviors, and she didn’t want to lose someone she loved. Tobin asked if she’s going to leave again once it ends, but she currently doesn’t know. She then says winning means they get to live another day. As she says that, the camera flashes to Saviors who either are in the cage or working. Henry spots an assault rifle, he picks it up and walks away as the camera zooms in on a clock ticking back and forth.

Rick is loading in bullets for his revolver until he is greeted by Siddiq saying he can treat his wound so it won’t get infected. Siddiq sits down next to him to try and motivate Rick, but he interrupts saying no. Maggie checks up on her wounded civilians who applaud her leadership. One says Gregory was full of himself, and if he were in charge when all of this took place, Hilltop wouldn’t be here.

We see a zoom in shot of Tobin sleeping peacefully, then we see a long shot of the people next to him sleeping calmly. Tobin suddenly wakes up, then slowly closing his eyes again, and he looks extremely pale. The time is 2:15 am and we see a full moon in the background. Now it’s 3:26 am, and a civilian sleeping in the medical room wakes up to see the person next to him is having a fever and begins feeling his head. He’s burning up, and the civilian will get the doctor. Sorry fella, he won’t be getting you a doctor any time soon because Tobin is now a walker, and he’s eating your guardian angel! The Hilltop doctor walks in, and it’s around 3:55 am. She steps in a pile of blood, a huge mess of blood, that’s until undead Tobin sneaks up from behind her and bites the neck of the Hilltop doctor! Walker Tobin leads his undead army to the area where the majority of the Hilltop civilians are sleeping, and another walker emerges from the top of the staircase and falls down too–this is extremely not good!

The camera zooms into Gregory sleeping on the outside until he is woken by Henry who asks for him. Gregory asks to be let out by him, but Henry ignores the question instead of asking for the Savior who killed his brother. Gregory answered with an I don’t know and he doesn’t know any of these people. Gregory says to Henry that he is holding a very dangerous weapon, and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. So he suggests Henry should give the weapon to him and they can talk it out. Gregory apologizes for Henry’s lost, but killing them won’t bring Benjamin back. Henry knows that, but it’ll make him feel better. Henry asks Gregory for why he’s in there if he’s not a Savior, Henry claims he’s going to start shooting people until he finds out who did it. That statement wakes up the nice Savior, Al telling him killing them won’t make him feel better. All of the Saviors wake up to an extremely loud screaming which followed by more screaming!

The walkers are taking over the Hilltop and are eating the residents of Hilltop! Daryl comes in the clutch by saving a couple of lives. Siddiq and Rick amputate an arm after a resident got bit in the arm by a walker. The main heroes are evacuating the everyone out of the house.

The screaming prompts a Savior to say “Music to my ears” which leads to Henry to ask the Savior if he killed his brother. The Savior had no clue on what he was talking about, which prompts Henry to open the gate with the key that he stole. Henry walks in and is demanding for someone to surrender themselves and be a man. Henry begins counting to 10, and if he doesn’t get an answer, then he’ll start shooting. By the count of 4, a walker appears and starts chowing down on a Savior which leads more walkers to appear from nowhere and eat up more Saviors! Henry begins shooting at the undead, but the Savior who was questioned tackles Henry for his gun, and leads all of the Saviors in retreat leaving Henry behind!

Rick and company are putting down the undead, Daryl is confused on what just happened because these are all people who weren’t ill or injured during the battle. Walker Tobin is attempting to feed on more human flesh until he was pulled away by Carol. Sad music plays as she realizes that someone she cared about is dead and trying to kill her. She draws out her knife and stabbed undead Tobin in the head. Rick, Daryl, and Maggie rush in to check if she’s okay. Rick begins drawing conclusions on what had happened. He relates this nightmare to when he confronted Negan and he was covered in walker blood. Someone who was bitten during the nightmare claims this could be another fever spreading amongst the community. He asks for someone to put him out of his misery because he can’t do it.

Rick walks into the room with every other major character in it, and Tara asks how in the world did someone gets infected out of random. Daryl responds with the Saviors put something in their weapons, if someone got shot, then they would become ill and would turn. Daryl reminded Tara of when she told him she was done waiting, he regrets not killing Dwight. Tara calms him down saying he wanted to be apart of us, and even though she wanted to kill him badly, she couldn’t.

Some Saviors are trying to help kill the undead, but a lot are retreating. Al is stopped by Maggie, and he tries to explain that Henry opened the gate and they retreated. Jesus points out that the Saviors are trying to help out by closing the gate that is letting the walkers in. Al lets Maggie know some retreated, but the rest stayed to help the cause.

Carol and Ezekiel are on a manhunt trying to search for Henry, but no sign. Enid comes in letting them know he let out Saviors, but he is nowhere to be seen within the pen cage. While everyone else is searching for Henry, but Morgan stayed behind gathering his thoughts together until Gavin appears again in his mind letting him know repeatedly he knows what it is.

Once again another great episode of The Walking Dead, great character development from the lesser known characters. Harsh goodbyes from lesser known characters, but still feels like they went out too early. But still, a whole lot of nonstop action within season 8. The only complain I have with this episode is that Tobin was killed off too early in my opinion and I liked the new connection Siddiq had with the assistant nurse at the Hilltop until she was bitten. Back to the rating scale—leaning towards Daryl Dixon—the best episode thus far—Glenn Rhee, one of the best of the batch, Rick Grimes, a rather average episode, Gregory, the Hilltop leader, which was lacking quality, and Spencer and Aidan Monroe, the absolute worst of the batch. Season 8 episode 13 is a Glenn Rhee, one of the best of the batch.

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