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Erica’s Friday Playlist: 3/16/18

Erica Singh, Staff Writer

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“Danger Can’t” by Mom Jeans

This song is a bit more mellowed down but in all honesty it’s a great song. The song talks about the difficulty loving someone a lot and having obvious issues involving letting yourself fall in love. This song is very short but it also hits you right in the feels with every lyric. This is a great song when you need a song to tell you how you feel about someone you like!


“The Background” by Third Eye Blind

This is a slower and sadder song that should be listened to when you need to cry. This song talks about the difficulty of moving past someone that is no longer in your life because your mind is clouded with a lot of memories. In all honesty this song is hard to listen to if you can relate to the lyrics. But besides that, it’s an amazing song.


“Serpents” by Neck Deep

This is definitely a louder song compared to the other two before this one. This is a song all about someone who takes you and wraps you around their finger and then suddenly discards you with ease. It explains getting over someone who you gave your heart to and how hard it is. However, this song isn’t sad, it’s actually pretty happy sounding. The lyrics are sort of sad but the song in general is so good.


“Look What You’ve Done” by Jet

This is a slow and sadder sounding song. The song explains the difficulties someone goes through with all of the negative comments thrown at them. However, the song is pretty repetitive and catchy at the same time but it is pretty difficult to listen to since it’s pretty sad.


“Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace

This is such a hopeful and encouraging song. This song talks about the constant pain someone is going through during their life while also having someone in their life who cares so much to fight for them to stay alive. This song is such a reassuring song to listen to and is honestly my motivation to get through this school year with 3 E’s. #senioritis #nevertoolatetofixthosegrades

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Erica’s Friday Playlist: 3/16/18