Student Profile: Amanda Whittaker


Amanda with her father and brother

Abbie Faith, Editor

Name: Amanda Whittaker

Grade: 12th (Senior)

1.) What inspired you to enlist in the Marines?

I believe that everyone is born with a special talent or characteristic that will help make the world a better place to live in. Some people become doctors while others become police officers. I was born to serve my country. I am physically fit and I have the mental toughness that is required to be in the military. God gave me a special gift and I want to use it to uphold the freedom that Americans have today.



2.) Why did you pick the Marines over the Army, Navy, and Air force?

To me, the Marine Corps is the strongest branch out there. The training is a lot more demanding and it requires you to really dig deep. If I am going into the military I am going all in. I want the best, most physically and mentally demanding training there is. That is what shapes recruits and turns them into outstanding Marines.



3.) What have you been doing to prepare for your physical training?

To prepare for the physical component of boot camp I ran cross country in the fall season. I wanted to get my stamina up and be able to run long distances. There is also physical training at my station twice a week to prepare poolees for boot camp.



4.) What is involved in the basic training for the Marines?


Basic training is twelve weeks at Parris Island which is in South Carolina. Here recruits are faced with numerous mental and physical challenges. Recruits will learn everything they need to know for being a United States Marine.



5.) What challenges do you think that women face in the military?


A lot of people believe that women aren’t as strong as men both physically and mentally. This is definitely not true and it is very hard for people to see women as strong individuals.



6.) What sort of dress/grooming is required for someone in the military?


For women, your hair has to be above your shoulders. At all times during boot camp your hair will be worn in a bun.



7.) What are you looking forward to most? Least?


I am looking forward to boot camp and the crucible the most. The crucible is a fifty four hour challenge that recruits must complete in order to graduate. During this challenge you receive little food and sleep while carrying heavy gear on a long hike.


I am not looking forward to leaving my family behind. It will be very hard for me to say goodbye to my little brother William. I will only be able to communicate with my family through letters while I am in boot camp.



8.) How long will your enlistment period be?


I am enlisting for four years of active duty. After my four years of active duty I plan on doing twenty five years in the reserves.



9.) What kind of things will you be doing specifically with the Marines, any particular job?

I would like to be a military police although that is not guaranteed right now. You have to qualify for a job through the ASVAB (a test similar to the SATs), which will determine what trades you are good at. Your job in the Marine Corps will be based off of your ASVAB scores.