What Electives Should You Take Next Year?

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What Electives Should You Take Next Year?

Deryn Younger and Dan Studer

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Last month, the annual electives fair was held in the auxiliary gym and took place during all gym periods. While there, students were able to view almost all of the elective classes available to them for next school year’s schedule. There are many different types of electives to take here at Freehold Township High School, and with the time to pick classes quickly approaching, here are what some of the representatives of each elective had to say about their respective class and why students should take their elective.


Applied Art

“If art is your fame, applied is your game. Come build Mosaics, make pottery, and cut metal. This class has it all and you truly won’t regret it” –Kathryn Kempaynski



“In band students not only learn about music, they also learn about marching, leafing, and much more. Its an amazing elective that allows you to meet and become friends with over 100 people while making music” –Kaity Potter + Gianna Garrick


Business Electives (DECA, Financial Literacy, Digital Business Tools)

“These electives simulate real-world experiences and tasks we will face. We have great teachers that are very personable and will make sure to give you a great understanding of the business world. Finally, these electives will truly set you up for the real world.” –Greg Solla and Andrew Entler



“People should join chorus and the music department as a whole because you are able to improve your craft while working with amazing people and creating beautiful music at the same time” –Riley Martin



Child Development I + II

“People should take this class because it creates an understanding of children. Whether you have a younger sibling or are going into a field of working with children, it is beneficial to you. Also we create a bond with the students in the class that could not be created in any other class.” –Nana Biney


AP Computer Science

“AP Comp Sci will teach you coding, a skill very important in the day and age. With constantly changing technology, jobs in this field are seeing immense growth” –Aubree Prendergast


AP Computer Science Principles

“Students should take AP Computer Science Principles because it allows students to be creative and program things they do on a daily basis. Just like the apps on your phone, we create and code different interactive games on programs like Scratch and Java. Overall, it’s an amazing 21st century elective.” –Daphne Lombardi


Creative Foods

“I think this class is really fun and you can create things the way you would like. There is many different things you can make and who doesn’t like to eat in general. I’ve done it 2 years in a row and I just love it and enjoy going to it everyday” –Roberta Lista


Creative Writing

Creative Writing is the most unique class you can take. You have the chance to examine and create anything and everything, from poems and stories to commercials and ad campaigns. We study all that is original and creative!” –Mr. DiGiuseppe


Digital Media & Photography

“People should take it because if they like photography/graphic designs, it’s a good class for them. Also, on the 2nd level you do more photographing and learning about photography cameras. I like it because I want to become a photographer.” –Daniel Egan


Film Editing

“It’s a fun way to be creative and it’s also fun to see how many ideas come to mind when you make films.” –Daniel Cilone


Fine Art

“Many kids think they cannot draw anything. They think their art capabilities are maxxed out at stick figures. However the amazing art teachers at Township can teach you skills that Surpass your expectations of your artistic capabilities. Everyone is able to do art. The key is just letting someone teach you how” –Sarah Fakult


Forensic Science

“Students should take this half year course because it is a fun, easy class where you learn about crime scenes and conduct labs as if we were forensic scientists” –Emma Schiavello


Interior Design

“I chose this class because I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how designers create amazing things just with furniture + colors. I think people will enjoy this class because its very hands on and you create amazing pieces” –Jessica Quartey-Papafio




“Journalism is the ideal class for anyone who has ever thought about being a part of the media. You’ll learn everything from newspaper articles to BuzzFeed quizzes to interviewing techniques, as well as photography and graphic design.” –Mr. DiGiuseppe


Marine Biology

“People should take the class because you learn about cool underwater creatures plus you meet a penguin” –Julia Lacap


Wood Tech/Cabinet Making

“It gives students an understanding on how furniture is produced and how to safely operate the machinery. Overall, it gives you a unique and useful life skill.” –Jack Knobloch





“It’s super fun, you do several dissections, and Petey the chinchilla is the class pet.” –Lauren Rodriguez