Gabi “The Savage” Smith Heads to Dartmouth

Autumn Cataldo, Editor

What sparked your interest in Dartmouth College and how old were you at the time?

From when I was little, I wore Dartmouth apparel and constantly visited the campus with my mom. I attended many events on and off campus so I saw how amazing the alumni community was. I saw how much my mom loved the school and and I grew to love it to. But, it was at my last visit to Dartmouth, this September, for her BADA (Black Alumni of Dartmouth) reunion that really rekindled my interest. I stayed with my friend who attends there and got to see the life of a student and I fell in love. It was after this trip that I decided to go all in and apply Early Decision rather than Regular Decision as I had had planned.


How did you prepare and work hard towards applying to your dream school?

I took harder classes every year and did lots of SAT prep work. I spent many late nights and all-nighters to get work done because I knew how important my high school grades would be no matter where I applied.


What is a quality about yourself that makes you feel worthy of, in a humble manner, attendance at Dartmouth College this fall?

I’m very dedicated and determined. I put 100% into everything I do because I want a good name for myself and anything I Produce. I also am a ‘say yes’ type of person, so I will never back down from a challenge and I try my best to help other, often putting them before myself and that’s the reason I’m always up late doing work.


Did you apply early action, early decision or regular decision?

Early Decision, because I really love the school and I also thought that it would help my chances of getting in ED is 13% admission vs 10% regular


What will you be studying while there?

Economics and/or Business Finance and I want to do something in the finance field. I am thinking maybe as an investment banker, stock broker, a financial consultant. Also, in the future I would like to manage the finances of a nonprofit organization.


Who has been your number one supporter through this all?

My mom she has believed in me even when I didn’t. She’s the one who pushed me to apply. At first I didn’t want to apply because I was afraid of not getting in.


What was your initial reaction when learning you had been accepted into the university?

Honestly, I was hysterical crying because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t even want to look, so I went to work and waited until I got home to look.


Who was the first person you told about your acceptance?

My mom, she wasn’t sure what was going on because I was crying so hard.


How does it feel to be following your mom’s footsteps as you prepare to attend the same undergraduate school as she did?

My mom is my biggest role model, so knowing I am going to learn and grow where she did gives me hope I could be half as good as her when I grow up.


After all of your hard work, and rewarding results, what is one bit of advice you could give to an underclassmen who is working towards their goal of attending an ivy league school following their high school graduation?

Follow your dreams, do not let a single person tell you your not good enough and work hard because it will pay off. Getting into an Ivy League school has been my biggest accomplishment thus far and I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t put in as much time and effort as I have. Keep your goals in sight and push yourself because you can do anything you put your mind to!