‘Seeds of Africa’ Club Aims to Help Ethiopian Kids Go to School

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‘Seeds of Africa’ Club Aims to Help Ethiopian Kids Go to School

Deryn Younger, Editor

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Recently, a club called ‘The Seeds of Africa’ has been formed right here at FTHS. Seeds of Africa is a school in Adama, Ethiopia which was established for children who are too poor to go to school otherwise.

It goes without saying that these children in Adama need all of the help they can get in pursuing a proper education; they are both deserving and in need of the important skills an education will provide them with.

The good news is that you can help!

FTHS is holding a fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to buy the children of the Seeds of Africa School the supplies they need. For only $10, you can sponsor a child who will attend Seeds of Africa. In return, you will receive a picture of that child along with their name and grade level.

In only one day, the FTHS student body raised over $750 worth of sponsorships, however the club’s main goal is to hopefully reach over double that amount.

The children of the school have such an enormous love of learning and desire an education, so it’s important to donate now to help both the club reach its goal, as well as to help the children of Seeds of Africa!

Lorenzo Pantano, a Junior at FTHS, recently sponsored a child and had this to say: “I sponsored a child from Adama, Ethiopia named Haile. He’s in 3rd grade, and for only $10 Seeds of Africa will pair you with a student in Ethiopia. It’s a really great feeling to contribute to other’s education, especially those who are less fortunate than I am. I definitely encourage everyone in Freehold Township High School to sponsor a student because it’s a great way to support the less privileged.”

If you wish to sponsor a child, you can either stop by E209 at any time with your $10 donation, or put the money in an envelope with your name on it and drop it off in Mr. Herbert’s mailbox in the main office. After he receives the donation, a photo of the child you sponsored will arrive in your homeroom teacher’s mailbox.

Let’s help the Seeds of Africa club reach their goal of raising over $1,500!