The Best Scary Movies on Netflix

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The Best Scary Movies on Netflix

Deryn Younger, Editor

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Halloween is just around the corner, and with the parties, trick-or-treating, and overall spookiness that comes with the holiday, there comes a long list of scary movies to watch in order to get in the Halloween mood. While there are certainly TV stations with amazing scary movie line-ups around Halloween time, it’s just a basic fact that today’s generation is constantly on Netflix. So why not make an even better line-up of scary Netflix originals and more?


Hush: Run Time – 1h 21m

This movie mixes the fear of masked killers and the fear of the unknown into one well-directed, heart-pounding, suspenseful thriller. The story is of a completely deaf woman, Maddie Young, who lives alone in the woods and is completely unaware of things going on around her. She lives in isolation after losing her hearing as a teenager and is now a secluded author – alone in her own mind at all times. However, her whole world comes crashing down when a crazed masked killer appears in her window, but she hear him. Soon put on a wild chase to fight for her life, Maddie may have seen like an easy target for this murderer, but he was very wrong…


13 Cameras: Run Time – 1h 29m

Newlyweds Ryan and Claire have recently moved into a new house, ready to start their new life as partners. Their landlord, Gerald, is extremely creepy and gives off a strange vibe; which may explain why he installed 13 hidden cameras inside their house. Gerald becomes completely immersed in the lives of Ryan and Claire, from their pregnancy, their marriage stress, and much more. As if putting cameras inside their home wasn’t enough, Gerald soon starts invading the couple’s privacy, pushing them over the edge. When these lovers find what Gerald has been hiding all along, though, things are about to get a lot worse.


The Babadook: Run Time – 1h 33m

This Netflix original is definitely a movie that will give anybody chills. The film takes place six years after Amelia’s husband died, leaving her alone and working to raise her six-year-old son, Samuel. Samuel is determined to find a monster who has been terrorizing his dreams and threatening to kill him and his mother. Later, a strange and disturbing storybook – “Mister Babadook” – appears on their doorstep, and Amelia has no choice but to read her son this book he desperately wants as a bedtime story. Samuel becomes convinced that the Babadook is the creature who has been appearing in his dreams. Amelia’s son spirals out of control and so does she to a certain extent, but little does she know that “Mister Babadook” is not bound to the pages he was drawn on.


Holidays: Run Time – 1h 46m

Anthology series are often time some of the best types of movies, because they give the audience so many different stories in one film. In this anthology, a dark spin is put on some of the happiest and most iconic holidays throughout the year. Holidays from Christmas to even Father’s Day are made into thrilling tales that take everything you know about those celebrations and twist them into something much darker and horrifying. While some are much scarier than others, each holiday’s story has a completely different plot, character line-up, and plot twist to really give you the Halloween creeps!


Saw: Run Time – 1h 43m

A classic horror film, this gruesome feature tells the story of two men, Adam and Dr. Gordon, who are chained up in a strange dungeon-like room. Neither of them know how they got there, and neither of them know how the dead man in front of them got there either. Imprisoned together, these two strangers have to work together through a series of extremely torturous and psychological challenges to uncover who the psychopath behind their anguish truly is.


The Exorcism of Molly Hartley: Run Time – 1h 35m

While nothing will ever top the most famous exorcism movie, The Exorcist, this Netflix version is definitely a close second. The movie is a sequel to The Haunting of Molly Hartley that was made in 2008. 7 years later, Molly is back… but not completely rid of her demons. This time around, the devil himself is determined to take total control of Molly’s mind, body, and soul; which may explain why she found two people dead in her own house, resulting in her being placed in a mental hospital. With her possession growing worse, she begins to wreak havoc among the doctors and other patients. Of course, the only way for the demon to be expelled is by an exorcism, who is performed by someone who is seeking redemption for his own past sins as well…


Would You Rather: Run Time – 1h 33m

After all of that Halloween fun, it’s nice to sit down and have a dinner with those you love, right? Not so much. When Iris, an older sister to a terminally ill little brother, is struggling to make ends meet, nothing seems better than an offer a philanthropist makes to her: an invitation to come to an exclusive dinner party. He says there will be a game, and the person who wins will be able to leave with a massive fortune. Little did Iris know that this “game” might be the last one she ever played. Trapped in a dining room with seven other strangers all there for the same reason, each person is pitted against the others in a sick and twisted game of “Would You Rather.” As this game progresses, it also grows more deadly as the night goes on.