FRHSD Students Address Ethical Dilemmas at Team Challenge Event

FRHSD Students Address Ethical Dilemmas at Team Challenge Event

Amit Bachani, Editor

On December 2nd, students from all Freehold Regional High School District institutions and Allentown High School had addressed real world predicaments when presenting their findings regarding the ethical implications of social media in society during the 2016 Team Challenge competition.

The event, hosted by the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, aims to provide high school students with an interactive experience that involves reasonable discourse, public speaking, critical thinking, and application of concepts such as ethics when analyzing problems that involve complex moral procedures. Consulting the Markkula framework provided by the Center of Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, teams from around the district had attempted to establish solutions that required an illustration of logical research and exemplified a combination of teamwork and oratory skills.

During the event, each team had showcased their research and analysis to a group of leaders prominent in the business community and received much commendation.

The winners of the 2016 event was Marlboro High School, including students Ralph DePalma, Alanna Flores, Alexandra Jay, Christy Lee, Shreya Naraparaju, Rohan Parikh, Anjili Patel, Avni Patel, Gavin Weime,Bhaargava Arnala, and Ravitej Chilukuri. Following Marlboro, was Howell High School and Freehold Township High in the Top 3.

From Freehold Township High School, students included Tierney Egan, Amit Bachani, Sage O’Toole, Michael Galanaugh, Tiffany DeMonte, Dayana Khalil, John Ross, Elisa Zikoff, Victoria Varlack, and were led by team advisors Linda Bonaly and Dan Cooper.

Overall, the experience for all students proved to be fruitful, allowing them to not only derive an understanding of problems in which critical thinking and team communication are involved, but a comprehension of ethics in both domestic and professional scenarios as they assume the mantle of leadership in our community going forward.