Meet Your 2023 Homecoming King and Queen!

Meet Your 2023 Homecoming King and Queen!

At Friday’s Homecoming and Senior Night football game, Nick Carnevale and Taryn Conover were announced as this year’s King and Queen! The sea of Bleacher Creatures celebrated as the two student-athletes were awarded with their crowns. The Patriot Press was able to talk to this year’s royalty about their wins, as well as reflections of the last four years as Patriots.

Nick Carnevale
Nick Carnevale

Congrats, Nick! How did it feel to have your name called during halftime?

– It was exciting. It was cool to be on the court with all my friends, but I wasn’t even thinking about winning so it kind of surprised me.

Homecoming was moved to be the same game as senior night. Talk to me about what was going through your brain with balancing being on the field during the game with being on court.

– I was definitely feeling a lot of excitement. A little bit nervous because of the game and everything going on, but it was a super exciting day overall. It was definitely a lot, knowing it’s the last home game for us seniors ever. It was a great game to have everyone there supporting, which made the whole experience even better. 

What else are you involved in at Township?

– [In addition to football], I play lacrosse for the school. I’m in NHS, Project Lundy, and am a Shore Conference Student-Athlete Ambassador. 

What does being a Patriot mean to you?

– To me, being a Patriot means being there for your friends when they need it. Supporting each other and always being there for your friends makes Freehold Township a great place to be. You always have someone there for you no matter what. 

Name a favorite FTHS memory. Are you looking forward to anything as you go through senior year?

– My favorite memory at Freehold Township has been all of the home football games. Playing on the field with all my teammates and seeing all my friends cheering in the stands is amazing. I’m excited to soak up the last memories with all of my friends before we all go [and] graduate. 

Any last words to the students at Freehold Township?

– Enjoy the moments you are here, because it goes super fast.

Taryn Conover
Taryn Conover

Taryn! Congratulations on Queen! How did it feel to have your name called during halftime?

– I remember being overcome with happiness when I heard my name called. I could not stop smiling – I was really feeling the love!

What were you feeling in between the court announcement and the Homecoming game? Excitement? Fear?

– In between the court announcement and the homecoming game, I was just enjoying the moment. It was actually really emotional because it’s our last division home game and it all kind of hit me at once. But at the same time, I was super excited to find out the winner and congratulate them!

What are you involved in at FTHS?

– I try to be involved in as much as I can at Township. I play varsity girls soccer, and I’m on the executive board of Lead For Diversity, Relay For Life, and Octagon Club. I’m a member of several clubs like Habitat For Humanity and Human Resource Council. I am a member of the National Honor Society and vice president of Latin Honor Society.

What does being a Patriot mean to you? 

– To me, being a Patriot means being someone that other people can look up to and aspire to be. They are respectful and kind. I remember aspiring to be like the upperclassmen when I was an underclassman and I hope I can do the same for the students younger than me. 

What does the title of Homecoming Queen mean to you?

– To me, the title of homecoming queen means being someone who is kind to others and treats everyone in a positive manner. It’s someone who is nice and considerate and cares about other people. 

Looking back on the last four years at FTHS, what is one of your favorite memories? Anything you’re looking forward to between now and graduation?

– My favorite Township memory is probably winning the state championship with the girls soccer team last year. Although there have been so many wonderful memories throughout these years, this one was so rare and special and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As I go through my senior year, I hope to make as many memories as I can and continue to build relationships with those around me. I have truly enjoyed my time at Township and I don’t expect that to change this year.

Any final words to the students at Freehold Township?

– Do your best to enjoy every minute because high school really does move fast. I still feel like a freshman sometimes when I walk the halls and can’t believe that my time here is almost over. I’m incredibly proud of everything I’ve accomplished in my time here and have found people that I intend to keep in my life forever. I wouldn’t trade my time with them for the world. Thanks everyone for voting for me!

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