Chris Liguori

Being Mr. FTHS is a huge honor. Why do you want to be Mr. FTHS?

– I would like to be Mr. FTHS because I show a lot of love and passion towards the school. I show a lot of school spirit and have a great relationship with all of the teachers at the school.


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at FTHS?

– The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to be nice to everyone and always show a positive attitude. It is important to give off great energy and brighten people’s days.


How would your teachers or advisors describe you?

– My teachers and coaches would describe me as a cheerful student who makes classes and sports teams more enjoyable for students, teachers, and coaches.


What staff member at FTHS has had the biggest impact on your life? 

– I’d say that Mr. Reardon has had the biggest impact on my life. He is a great representation of a teacher who makes it easy on his students. He is also a family man, who plays golf. That is just like me.


If you could go back to freshman year what would you change and why?

– If I could go back to freshman year, I would show my personality more. Freshman year I was very nervous to be myself, and now I have grown out of my shell.


Do you have a special talent?

– I can lip sync and dance to the song “Promiscuous” with my friend Justin Singer. It is a duet performance.

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