Jake Nastarowicz

Being Mr. FTHS is a huge honor. Why do you want to be Mr. FTHS?

– I want to be Mr. FTHS so I am able to be proudly remembered as a student who bled columbia and gold. A student who has left an impact on the great school behind him. One from freshman to senior year who has made a difference in the lives of his pupils and staff. One for great change.


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at FTHS?

– Hearing the phrase “do your best, and forget the rest” has stuck with me for the past 3 ½ and counting at this school. Showing and doing nothing but my utter best at this school is what makes me thrive for greatness.


How would your teachers or advisors describe you?

– I would hope all my teachers/coaches/advisors would describe me as a caring yet funny character. I hope they think I bring the light to their room every block I have them. As for my coaches, I hope they see me bring the dedication and effort I try to bring every day.


What staff member at FTHS has had the biggest impact on your life? 

– Many, in certainty. Mr. Hebert above all. Having him for 3 years has allowed our relationship to thrive like a blooming flower, seeing me as a baby freshman, and a childish adult as a senior.


If you could go back to freshman year what would you change and why?

– I would change the amount of Freehold Township events I went to. I wish I went more and got more involved in the FTHS community.


Do you have a special talent?

– I would put my hands behind my back and try to finish an x amount of any pie of my choice in said time. I would make sure ice cream and whip cream are on said pie.

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